Best Nursing Schools in the South – Best Nursing Schools in Florida – 2022

Best Nursing Schools in the South – Are you looking for the best nursing schools in the south to enroll in this year? In places like Alabama, Georgia, and the rest of them?

Then this article on Best Nursing Schools in the South is just what you need right now! We have compiled all you would want to know about the Best nursing schools in the south.

There are a lot of amazing and affordable nursing schools you’d find in the south, that offer both online and on-campus classes to their students.

Best Nursing Schools in the South

Aside all these, the south itself is viewed as the area with the most beautiful environment, that comprises of interesting packs, historic landmarks and exciting activities.

To cap it all, it is very rich in culture! With this, you could bet that studying in one of the best nursing schools in the south would be full of memories.

Factors to Consider When Picking From the Best Nursing Schools in the South

There are lots of factors you would have to put into consideration when making a choice from the wide range of best nursing schools that are available in the south. These include the type of classes provided, tuition fees, location, and programs.

These are very crucial points you shouldn’t sideline when making a choice. In this article, we compiled some schools where we have all these factors put into consideration, to aid your search.

List of Best Nursing Schools in the South

  1. Emory University: this is a private university located in Georgia. It was founded by Methodist Episcopal Church in 1836. It has one of the best healthcare systems known internationally and an annual generation of $689 for research funding. Tuition costs $37,800, with an NCLEX pass rate of 96%. Emory University is very dedicated in providing the world with impactful personalities.
  2. University of Miami: it’s located in Florida, known to be a private research school that is focused on discovering new ideas and knowledge. It offers over 180 programs, and it’s considered as the university with the best research facility. UM’s tuition costs, $25,200, including a NCLEX pass rate of 93%
  3. University of North Carolina: from the name you’d know it is located at North Carolina. It has always been among the high-ranking universities for a very long while, due to the world-class education, study abroad opportunities, research programs, and a celebration of diverse several awards it offers. Its tuition costs $3,509 and a NCLEX pass rate of 87%
  4. Duke University: located at North Carolina, a prestigious school with an affiliation with the United Methodist Church. It fosters problem-focused research, education and it’s always in quest of new ideas that can impact the world. In this school, tuition costs $27,940 with NCLEX pass rate of 88%
  5. George Mason University: this Virginia based school is up to date with ideas that would be of benefit as the world is rapidly changing. Students who happens to study here are equipped in a way that is impactful to the universe. This school’s tuition costs $4,530 and it’s NCLEX Pass rate is 90%

6.   University of Texas: This University is located in Texas, it is known for its deep history alongside traditions that give the university a very rich environment that is conducive for learning. It has a lot of nationally ranked programs with half a million longhorn alumni, amazingly there are 50,000 more on the way!  Tuition cost here is  $5,718 and NCLEX Pass Rate of 94%

7.   Auburn University: is located in Alabama, it was founded in 1856, and right now it is supporting more than 30,000 students. Auburn university focuses on educating students with important skills and knowledge they need in life, increase the drive development of research, and as well engage the community. Tuition costs $4,908 and the NCLEX Pass rate is  86%

8.   University of Florida: this is a fabulous school located in Florida. The University is popular for its biotechnology incubator that is ranked number one in the whole world. This school receives a total of  $838 million in research grants for sea, land, and space, and yet they are still very dedicated to converting potentials into actual results. Its tuition is $6,380 and it’s NCLEX Pass Rate is 100%

The above-listed high-ranking best nursing schools in the south offer both online and on campus classes to students.

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