Apple is Currently Making a Magnetic Battery Pack

Apple is Currently Making a Magnetic Battery Pack – Bloomberg sources claim Apple is developing a MagSafe battery pack that would wirelessly charge your iPhone 12 (and, presumably, future iPhones). The magsafe on the apples latest phone has mainly been useful for wallets and charging stations. Unlike the previous apple packs, this wouldn’t be so elegant but helpful if you have a case and only preferred an occasionally boost.

The technology company has refuse to make any comment, but developer Steve Moser noticed iOS 14.5 beta temporarily referenced a battery pack. It isn’t clear if the company is moving forward with the idea. The porotype stays in place, but currently has an issue with false overheating alerts as well as swapping a “naked” iPhone and a case. Complications like these are very common for hardware development. Apple might delay or cancel the project remember, apple eventually scrapped Airpower despite announcing it on stage.

Apple is Currently Making a Magnetic Battery Pack

The pack could serve as a poster for Magsafe that drives sales of Apple phones and accessories. It will be helpful to wirelessly charge your phone. Practical questions to consider if the accessory charges to slowly or charges too much of a premium. It might be a bit difficult to sell no matter how convenient the magnetic connection might be.

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