Amazon knocks $80 off Apple’s MacBook Pro M1

 Amazon knocks $80 off Apple’s MacBook Pro M1 – In case you have been thinking to upgrade your MacBook but want something a little more powerful than even the latest MacBook Air M1, you are so lucky. Amazon has a deal on the MacBook pro M1 with 256GB of storage right now, there is $80 off the original price which has brought it down to $1,219.

The lowest price I have seen so far before Christmas was $100, this is off the original price. I can tell that this is a good deal if you don’t want to wait any longer to obtain that new laptop.  Amazon knocks $80 off Apple’s MacBook Pro M1, don’t joke with this opportunity make sure to get yours now.

 Amazon knocks $80 off Apple's MacBook Pro M1

Features of Apple’s MacBook Pro M1

This MacBook Pro M1 was just as impressive as its Air counterpart kudos to Apple’s new chipset and the fact that the Pro has more fans. The latter allows it to handle heavier workloads more easily than the Air while remaining fairly quiet, and the app that was built for the M1 chip ran smoothly. And since Apple didn’t mess with the Pro’s design, you are still getting the basics you would expect from MacBook: a lovely Retina display, a good keyboard, and trackpad, and a battery life that lasted up to 16hours in our benchmark testing.

There are some hindrances that might make power users wait a while before upgrading. The Pro M1 only supports one external display at the moment and it can’t connect to an external GPU. It’s also limited to 16GB of RAM, which will be a tough sell for creative professionals and others who like to outfit their machines with as much RAM as possible. And despite being thicker than the MacBook Air M1, the Pro M1 only has two USB-C ports, which may your everyday use even more than the other limitations. Therefore, if you are set on getting the latest MacBook Pro and can live with those sacrifices, Amazon’s latest discount is worth considering.

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