Activate Dark Mode Feature on Whatsapp | How to Activate WhatsApp Dark Background

Activate Dark Mode Feature on WhatsApp – Most of the recent apps are now making use of the dark background effect on their platforms, this is to ultimately give users a more enjoyable experience when such user is using their interfaces at night or in dark spaces. A lot of people don’t keep the safest distance between the eyes and phone screen, this dark mode can be used to give a better visual effect.

Whatsapp has recently joined this trend by integrating the dark mode feature which changes the interface of the platform to a black background with text colours that properly sync with the effect (grey, white, and blue)

Activate Dark Mode Feature on Whatsapp

This new development does not only reduce the glare that soothes your eyes better, but it can also employ low power usage that will help your battery last longer while using this app.

How to Activate WhatsApp Dark Background

For Android:

  • Enter setting on WhatsApp by clicking on the three-dotted icon.
  • Navigate to chat >> Theme, and choose ‘’Dark’’ from the pop-up box

For iOS:

For those that their device is still running on a version older than iOS 14, you can kindly follow the above steps. But for those using iOS 14 itself and more,

  • Launch setting on WhatsApp and click on ‘’Display and Brightness’’.
  • Chose ‘’Dark’’. You can simply make the dark mode default by selecting ‘’automatic’’ in order to enable it to allow the feature each time it’s evening.

When you follow these steps above you will be able to activate your WhatsApp dark background then you can continue to enjoy chatting at any time in the night, the visual stress will be reduced drastically and you can maintain sight balance, I believe this article has enlightened you enough on how you can activate dark mode feature on WhatsApp. You can ask us more questions and also share the article if you find it useful.

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