6 Best Surgeons in New York: Best Surgeons Near Me in New York

6 Best Surgeons in New York

6 Best Surgeons in New York – Have you been thinking about the best surgeon to contact you don’t have to worry anymore this article is the answer to the question you may have been asking? Below is the list of the best surgeons you can locate near you in New York

New York’s Best Surgeons

The 6 Best Surgeons in New York include the following:

  • Dr. David Anthony Greuner – NYC Surgical Associates
  • Dr. Sergei Dolgopolov – Lenox Hill Surgeons
  • Dr. Scott J. Belsley – Scott Belsley, MD, FACS
  • Dr. Mark Zoland – Core Surgical
  • Dr. Marsha Harris – Colon and Rectal Surgery of Manhattan
  • Dr. David Samadi – Urologist

Dr. David Anthony Greuner

The managing director and co-founder of NYC Surgical Associates. He is a double board-certified surgeon with over 10 years of experience. His post-graduate residency training was performed at the University of Arizona and Mount Sinai School of Medicine affiliate hospitals (Morristown Memorial Hospital) where he was named chief resident of the year and won the Hughes Dougan award for dedication to patient care and excellence in surgical technique his chief year.

His fellowship training in Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery was performed at Albert Einstein School of Medicine in New York City. Although Dr. Greuner’s surgical training encompassed a broad base of surgical procedures; his area of interest lies specifically in minimally invasive procedures and minimal access/robotic surgery, including procedures involving the Da Vinci robot and percutaneous (no incision) access – allowing his patients the least disruption possible from their busy lives.


Anesthesia, Diagnostics, General and Hernia Surgery, Internal Medicine, Interventional Oncology, Minimally Invasive Vascular Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Procedures for Pelvic Pain and Back Pain, Surgery for Lipedema, Surgery for Lymphedema, Surgery after Weight Loss, Venous Ablation

Contact Address

Address: 14 E 60th St #501, New York, NY 10022

Phone: (888) 286 6600

Website: www.nycsurgical.net


“Phenomenal team of medical professionals treating every patient as an individual and treating the whole patient. The thorough & personal medical care provided by NYC Surgical Associates is worth my 500-mile round trip drive.” -Colleen Sandorfi

Dr. Sergei Dolgopolov

He graduated from Sechenov Moscow Medical School with Honors and Science Awards in 1983. He started his surgical training as a resident in urology at Moscow Medical Academy Hospital Center and completed it with honors. He continued as a faculty member and attending physician urologist at Burdenko Central Military Hospital in Moscow where he had an extensive experience in clinical research and reconstructive surgery and helping wounded victims of war. Dr. Dolgopolov continued his surgical education as a resident and chief resident at SUNY Downstate Health Science Center in Brooklyn, New York and completed it with Honors. After residency he worked as a surgical attending and clinical assistant professor in general, minimally invasive and trauma surgery at SUNY Downstate Health Science Center in Brooklyn. In 2000 Dr. Dolgopolov joined Surgical Associates of New York, LLP, which regrouped to General and Laparoscopic Surgeons of New York, LLP in 2012. Presently, he is a founding partner at Lenox Hills Surgeons, LLP. Dr. Dolgopolov’s interests and specialty are in minimally invasive, laparoscopic, robotic,

general and oncology surgery. He practices as an assistant professor of surgery at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City, and Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City.


Minimally Invasive Surgery, Diagnostic Laparoscopy, Adrenal gland surgery, Laparoscopic Adrenal Gland Removal, Large bowel resection, Laparoscopic Colon Resection, Appendix surgery, Laparoscopic Appendectomy, Esophageal Surgery, Stomach Surgery, Gallbladder surgery, Liver surgery, Hernia repair, Pancreas Surgery, Small intestine surgery, Spleen surgery, Soft tissue surgery

Contact Address

Address: 155 E 76th St #1c, New York, NY 10021

Phone: (646) 846 1136

Website: www.lenoxhillsurgeons.com


“Dr. Dolgopolov operated on me for emergency surgery for an obstruction caused by scar adhesions, and saved my life. He sprung into action almost immediately after I received my prognosis. Upon operating, it was revealed that I had extensive damage beyond just the immediate obstruction that was identified in the CT scan. Dr. Dolgopolov worked for 3.5 hours–much longer than the typical procedural time–to painstakingly remove all of my adhesions. This resolved the emergency issue and proactively removed anything that could turn into a future obstruction. ” -Kate Vassallo

Dr. Scott J. Belsley

He is board certified by the American Board of Surgery and has over twelve years of experience performing weight-loss surgery including the laparoscopic gastric bypass and the laparoscopic sleeve. His clinical practice also includes complex hernias, reflux surgery and operations on the intestines ranging from the esophagus to the colon.

After completing his general surgical residency at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center, Dr. Scott Belsley completed concurrent fellowships in robotic surgery as well as advanced laparoscopy and bariatric surgery. Over the last ten years, his clinical practice has evolved to concentrate on both sub-specialties. One common denominator in these two sub-specialties is that they involve the intestinal foregut. Dr. Belsley has become a recognized expert in the surgical treatment of diseases of the gastroesophageal junction and the esophagus. His collaboration with thoracic surgeons at Mount Sinai West

and Mount Sinai St. Luke’s has resulted in the development of an inter-disciplinary team that concentrates on robotic approaches to neoplastic and non-neoplastic disease processes of the thoracic esophagus and mediastinum.


Hernia, Adrenalectomy, Colon, Esophagectomy, Gallbladder, Pancreatectomy, Reflux, Splenectomy, Achalasia

Contact Address

Address: 425 W 59th St, New York, NY 10019

Phone: (212) 523 8041

Website: www.laparoscopic.md


“Very professional doctor and his team as secretary from Nutritionist is a team that take you by the hand and give you a unique confidence and results are unique.” -Ingrid Jorge

Dr. Mark Zoland

He obtained his bachelor’s degree from Columbia University and his medical degree from Cornell University Medical College in 1993. He has been Board Certified and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons since 2001. His areas of expertise include minimally invasive and laparoscopic surgery, laparoscopic and conventional hernia surgery, specialization in sports hernia surgery, and abdominal surgery. Dr. Zoland was trained in an exciting time for surgery, as it was a time where tried and true Classic Surgical Techniques were still taught, while the Minimally Invasive revolution had just begun. He, therefore, had the foundation of the classic operative method, something which younger residents today do not get a chance to learn, while he was immersed in the wave of new technology and technique. Consequently, he is able to offer his patients many surgical options as he is not confined by his training.


Procedures, Surgery, Laparoscopy, Gallbladder Surgery, Hernia Specialist, Gastrointestinal Surgery

Contact Address

Address: 122 E 76th St Suite 1B, New York, NY 10021

Phone: (212) 628 8771

Website: www.glsnyllp.com


“This surgeon is caring and puts himself in your shoes! His communication skills are excellent. I left with a better understanding of my situation and next steps!” -Carlos Ramirez

Dr. Marsha Harris

She is an expertly trained surgeon who provides care to patients throughout New York City, NY. At the practice, Dr. Harris offers treatment for colorectal cancer, disorders of the anus, rectum, and colon, care of diverticular disease and a number of other diseases including fecal incontinence, pelvic floor dysfunction, rectal prolapse, hemorrhoids and pilonidal disease. She also specializes in minimally invasive techniques and performs colonoscopies.

Dr. Harris obtained her medical degree from the New York University’s School of Medicine in 2002. She also completed her undergraduate degree and general surgery residency training at New York University. Dr. Harris completed her colorectal fellowship training at the Colon and Rectal Clinic of Orlando, FL, and has been caring for patients at the practice since 2008.


Anus, Fecal Incontinence, Colon, Hemorrhoids, Colon Cancer, Ileostomy, Constipation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome/IBS, Crohn’s Disease, Pilondial Cyst, Diverticular Disease, Rectum

Contact Address

Address: 35 E 35th St suite 200, New York, NY 10016

Phone: (212) 696 5411

Website: www.colonandrectalsurgery.org


“At our first appointment, I felt she had been my doctor for a long time. She is very knowledgeable, easy to talk to, doesn’t rush and has a good sense of humor.” -Kate Winell

Dr. David Samadi

He is a world-renowned urologist and front runner in prostate cancer treatment and Robotic Assisted Laparoscopic Prostatectomy or RALP, a type of surgery commonly used to treat men with prostate cancer. He specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer, bladder cancer, kidney cancer, and other urologic diseases. Dr. Samadi currently serves as Director of Men’s Health at St. Francis Hospital in Roslyn,


As a board-certified urologist and oncologist, dr. Samadi specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of urologic diseases, kidney cancer, bladder cancer, and prostate cancer. He is also an expert in many advanced minimally invasive treatments for prostate cancer, including laparoscopic radical prostatectomy and laparoscopic robotic radical prostatectomyContact dr. David Samadi:

Contact Address

Address : 485 Madison Avenue 21st Floor New York, NY 10022

Tel: 1-212-365-5000

Email: dsamadi@drsamadicenter.com

Website: https://www.davidsamadi.com/#Robotic-Prostate-Surgeon


After prostate surgery: “My quality of life is great, erections are great”

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