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30 Study in Canada ScholarshipsStudying in Canada has become an attractive option for international students due to its world-class educational institutions and diverse cultural experience.

However, the cost can be a major concern. This article introduces you to 30 scholarships to help you fund your Canadian education dream.

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How to Apply to Study in Canada

Understanding the initial steps for studying in Canada is crucial before diving into scholarship opportunities. Here’s an elaboration on the basic steps:

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Research and Select the University

The first step is to do comprehensive research on Canadian universities that offer the program or field of study you are interested in. Look for institutions that are renowned for your desired field. Consider factors like location, tuition fees, campus facilities, and alumni networks.

Each university will have its own set of prerequisites, such as standardized test scores, language proficiency exams, and specific high school or undergraduate courses. Once you’ve gathered all this information, make an informed decision about which university best suits your educational and career goals.

Fill out the Application Form and Submit Required Documents

After selecting the university, the next step is to apply. Each university will have its own application process, usually accessible via their official website. You’ll typically need to fill out an online form that asks for personal information, academic history, and sometimes work experience or extracurricular activities.

Along with the form, you’ll also need to submit essential documents. These usually include transcripts from previously attended institutions, letters of recommendation, a statement of purpose, and sometimes even a portfolio, depending on the program you’re applying for. Ensure you understand the full list of required documents and that you submit them all, adhering to any guidelines provided.

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Apply for a Canadian Study Permit

Once you receive an admission offer, you’re eligible to apply for a Canadian study permit. A study permit acts as a student visa and is mandatory for international students.

To apply, you’ll need to provide evidence of sufficient funds to cover your tuition and living expenses in Canada, a clean criminal record demonstrated by a police certificate, and a medical exam, if required. The study permit application also usually requires you to submit the letter of acceptance from the Canadian university you’ve been admitted to.

Completing these steps ensures you are not only accepted into a Canadian university but also legally permitted to study there, setting the stage for you to apply for various scholarships.

30 Study in Canada Scholarships

Here are the 30 study-in-Canada scholarships you can easily apply for.

University of British Columbia MasterCard Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship for African Students

This scholarship targets African students with strong leadership qualities. It covers tuition, living expenses, and more. To apply, you must fill out the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program application form, available on the university’s website.

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University of British Columbia International Leader of Tomorrow (ILOT) Scholarships

ILOT is designed for students demonstrating outstanding leadership skills. The scholarship covers tuition, books, and residence costs. You’ll need to fill out the International Leader of Tomorrow Award nomination package.

Lester B. Pearson Scholarship Program for International Students at the University of Toronto

This scholarship offers four years of full tuition and books. It’s open to international students who excel both academically and in leadership. Application includes a nomination and a personal statement.

Algonquin College Undergraduate Scholarship for International Students

Aimed at international students, this scholarship provides up to CAD 3,000 towards tuition fees. Applicants must hold a high school diploma with a minimum 80% average.

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Humber College Scholarships for International Students

These scholarships range from CAD 1,000 to CAD 5,000 and are open to new international students. Apply through Humber’s student portal after receiving your acceptance letter.

 Quest University Scholarships for Undergraduate Students

Quest University offers scholarships ranging from CAD 2,000 to full tuition. It’s targeted at students with strong academic backgrounds.

York University Global Leader of Tomorrow Scholarships for International Students

This scholarship covers full tuition and living costs. It’s for international students who have demonstrated leadership skills and want to study at York University.

University of Calgary International Entrance Scholarships

 These scholarships range from CAD 1,000 to CAD 15,000 and are designed for international students entering the University of Calgary for the first time.

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CREATE Program in Data Analytics and Visualization (CREATEDAV)

Undergraduate Summer School for International Students

This is an eight-week summer program that provides up to CAD 5,500. It is targeted at students in computer science and engineering.

MasterCard Foundation Scholarships at McGill University Canada for African Students

This program provides academically talented young leaders from Africa with full scholarships. Application involves multiple essays and proof of leadership experience.

Richard J. Van Loon Scholarship for African Students at Carleton University

This scholarship awards CAD 5,000 to an African student based on academic merit.

University of Winnipeg President’s Scholarship for International Students

This scholarship offers CAD 5,000 and is aimed at international students entering any of the University’s divisions for the first time.

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ACI Foundation International Fellowship

The scholarship provides tuition awards and covers living expenses for international students.

Canada: Humber College Entrance

Scholarships for International Students

These scholarships offer from CAD 1,000 to CAD 5,000 for new international students.

Nelson Mandela’s African Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship

This scholarship provides full tuition, living expenses, and books. It targets young African professionals.

University of Laval Scholarship for African and European Students

This scholarship offers CAD 7,000 to Master’s students from African and European countries.

Open Society Disability Rights Scholarship (LL.M) Program for Africans

This program targets African students with disabilities studying law. It covers all costs related to the degree.

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MasterCard/University of Waterloo MBET Scholarships for East African Students

The scholarship provides full tuition for students from East Africa to study Master of Business, Entrepreneurship, and Technology.

CPIJ Scholarship for Developing Countries

This scholarship offers CAD 2,500 for candidates from developing countries studying law or similar fields.

Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP) Scholarship Program for International

Students at University of Guelph

It offers CAD 20,000 per year for international students involved in research.

Quebec Government Research Internship for International Students

This scholarship offers CAD 2,800 per month for research internships.

Ontario Graduate Scholarships (OGS) for International Students – York University

It offers CAD 15,000 per year for graduate students.

University of Manitoba International Graduate Student Scholarship

It provides CAD 14,000 per year for graduate students.

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Visiting Scholarships for Students in Commonwealth Countries in Africa

This scholarship offers CAD 6,000 for a visiting period at a Canadian University.

Microsoft Research Dissertation Grant for Doctoral Students

This grant offers CAD 20,000 for dissertation research.

University of British Columbia Graduate Global Leadership Fellowship for Developing Countries

This fellowship offers CAD 18,000 per year plus tuition.

Microsoft PhD Fellowship in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Mathematics

The fellowship offers full tuition and stipend for two academic years.

Québec Government Doctoral Research Scholarships for Foreign Students

It offers CAD 20,000 per year for up to three years.

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Vanier Canadian Graduate Scholarships

It offers CAD 50,000 per year for up to three years for doctoral students.

University of Toronto Art and Science Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme

It offers CAD 45,000 per year for postdoctoral research.


Studying in Canada can be a life-changing experience, and these scholarships can make it financially feasible. Always keep track of deadlines and required documents to ensure you have the best chance of securing funding.

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