10 Ways To Beat Boredom Using A Computer And Internet Connection

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Due to the recent COVID- 19 pandemic boredom has become like a disease in the life of some individuals. For this reason, many people have tried out 10 Ways To Beat Boredom Using A Computer And Internet Connection in order to live a free fun life.

It is easier said than done though, even with a computer and the best games around. Specifically, this article will roll out ten creative and effective ways to help you use that computer and internet connection to beat boredom.

10 Best Ways To Beat Boredom Using A Computer And Internet Connection

10 Ways To Beat Boredom Using A Computer And Internet Connection

1. Live TV And Movie Streaming:

Remember all those shows and movies you barely had time to see? Well, there’s no better time to watch them than with your computer and that internet connection.

In addition, there are tons of good tv streaming services available to make your pick from. Netflix, Disney plus, Hulu, and others offer original content you can simply seat back and stream.

Moreover, you’re not limited by the hours you spend soaking up fabulous contents. There is no getting bored with a range of shows and movies to last you for months.

2. Connect With Friends And Family:

Being busy has always been a good excuse not to reach out to those who mean a lot to you. If you want to beat boredom with your internet connection? Get closer to your friends via sites like Facebook and Instagram.

Due to the present conditions, you may be in a different location to that of your family. Reaching out to them over tools like skype and zoom makes a lot of sense. They’ll definitely appreciate the fact that you reached out to them. This way, you get to beat boredom and still have fun.

3. Start A Blog:

Getting to start a blog is one of the easiest things to do with a computer and internet connection. However, many people are scared of writing what they think, and being too imperfect to pen a few sentences.

The fact still remains, not everyone is going to be a best-selling author, that hasn’t stopped a lot of people from writing about their hobbies, skills, take on life, and much more.

4. Listen To Podcast:

Podcasts are great especially if they’re of the personal growth variety. Thankfully, you’ve got all the time in the world to listen to some now.

In addition, they are a great source of entertainment with lot of crazy and intelligent stuff. The topics cut across all sections of life including finances, your love life, food choices, health and even sports!

5.take surveys and online quizzes:

Many companies, organizations, and institutions need help in order to better serve their clients. As such, they come up with surveys and quizzes you can take.

6. Read Comics Or Ebooks:

Reading is still an art. It’s still an entirely pleasing experience especially when you have the internet at your beck and call.

So nothing should stop you from reading ton of comics or ebooks online? There’s definitely a topic to fit in with whatever catches your fancy. The best part? Most of the comics and ebooks online are basically free.

7. Play Games Online:

Virtually every thing has the exact replica online. This includes games you can play with friends from another country.

Sports, crime, adventure, and board games, are some of the genres you can play to beat boredom. Another incentive is that you get to take part in tournaments so that you get to test your superior skills.

8. Learn New Things:

There is a lot of Do It Yourself (DIY) videos online, you can effectively beat boredom with a computer. There are good websites and video watching platforms to help you learn new skills, or consolidate the ones you have.

In addition, you can learn skills like photography, speaking, writing, graphics design, painting, acting, and many more when you take active part in online classes hosted over the internet. You will beat boredom and still come away with new skills.

9. Search For Good Deals:

You can beat boredom by searching through the internet for good deals on products you might need. There’s no telling what you can come across on sites like eBay, woot, and Amazon.

Furthermore, you can look up auction sites, and other online stores when you’re bored. This will eat up the hours especially when there’s a raft of deals you can make.

10. Discover New Music:

There’s something about having a playlist of your favorite tracks and listening to them at every opportunity. But the fact is new music can also make a world of difference.

With your computer and the much- needed internet connection, you can have access to sites like Pandora and Spotify, and apps like Boomplay. Simply search, relax, and let the music entertain you. Be open to new genres as well, and appreciate the art.


The internet has all you need to help beat boredom. With a computer ready, you can delve into a world that won’t have a minute’s worth of boredom to wear you out.

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