Young water fellowship program 2021 (€5,000) | Apply for the Young Water Fellowship Bangladesh 2021

Young water fellowship program 2021 (€5,000) – Application for young fellowship program 2021. Are you a young person with a smart idea on how to tackle water and sanitation problems in Bangladesh? Then the young water fellowship program 2021 is for you.

The young water fellowship program 2021 empowers leaders to become social entrepreneurs, offering solutions to water, sanitation, and hygiene issues in their respective communities.

Young water fellowship program 2021 (€5,000)

YGAP 2021 has joined hands with young water solutions to launch the first edition of the flagship young water fellowship program in Bangladesh. The program is looking to work with young leaders with brilliant ideas and their own team to develop new or existing social businesses. The aim is to provide and improve a social environment condition, mainstream gender equality, and reduce the rate of unemployed youths.

The YWFBD program offed all participants a full year of consistent training and support, funding for their initiatives, and continuous mentoring from subject matter experts during the implementation of a pilot project.

Young water fellowship benefits


Participants will be able to attend a two-week or more long boots camp delivered by local and international incubators. After completion, fellows will have a viable business model to attack a water or sanitation issue

Funding for implementation

After the boots, camp fellows can apply for €5,000 funding for their businesses over 6 months

Coaching and mentoring

Fellows will receive continue coaching and tailored mentorship from experts.

Who is eligible for young water fellowship?

  • 18-30 years of age, however members of your team could be above 30 years.
  • Be the founder or co-founder of an intuitive that contributes to the solution of water and sanitation
  • The initiatives should be at the planning or initial stage.
  • The young water fellow should want to stay should want to stay in Bangladesh for at least 1.5years after training
  • It is mandatory to attend two boots camp of one week in November
  • Boot Camp will be arranging in English
  • Your business doesn’t have to be registered or has an operation

The deadline for the young water fellowship program is yet to be announced.

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