Why WordPress is the Best CMS Platform – Top 4 Reasons we choose WordPress

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Why WordPress is the Best CMS Platform –  WordPress is known as the most popular website on the web as it is the most commonly used CMS in the world. If you are new to the world of websites or blogging, the question that would probably be on your mind is what is WordPress? 

When you start navigating google search, scrolling down the pages you will come across a large number of websites that are primarily built on WordPress 

Why WordPress is the Best CMS Platform

However, there are other web creation tools available in the market that are providing great CMS features but, no one is quite as popular as WordPress. 

The manifest reason behind the immense popularity of WordPress it’s amazing features. WordPress is relatively standards-complaint. You can easily build your desired web pages without any peevish coding. 

There are millions of WordPress users all around the world and they all love amazing technical easements. There are many reasons for using WordPress as a content management system and there is no doubt that all of us are creating better blogs and websites using this amazing tool. 

It is a Reliable CMS  

The basic problem that everyone faces, while he is looking for creating a website, is the price of hosting and expenses that are necessary to run a successful website. But, using WordPress gives you the ultimate advantage of saving both your precious time and money. 

However, there are some limitations in the free features but, still, WordPress has the most prolific features that one just cannot afford to miss. 

The difference between WordPress and other content management systems is simple, WordPress offers a very large number of awesome templates that are a part of our daily webpages. 

The past few years have been proven very competitive in the field of website development and it is very hard to be imagined that some websites have ranked amazingly on top of the Google ranking because of their creative web design, SEO, and much more. 

It is Highly Customizable 

Main problem arises when someone is looking to create an amazing website design and he does not have enough budget to do so on such occasion’s templates play a vital role. 

The basic advantage that WordPress offers is the array of awesome templates that are not only beautiful but also creatively adjustable. In short, you need to be sure to make your site mobile friendly. 

The main and very crucifix issue that most web builders have is the controlling and the management difficulty but on WordPress, you simply do not worry about these issues. WordPress offers a very wide array of effective plugins which are about 40000 in contention. 

It is Highly Adaptable (Using plugins) 

Plugins provide an ultimate solution for the functionality of a website you simply just do not have to worry about the functional issues. 

When you add a plugin to your site there is a massive effect that this plugin puts on your site. But there is always a huge impact of any plugin that is added to a site, especially the noticeable changes occurring in the functionality of the site. 

Adding a plugin into the sites creates many questions in the functional progress of the web system. Sometimes the speed of the website is great before adding a plugin and it gracefully accepts the additional plugin support. But, sometimes the addition of a plugin creates a troublesome effect in the functionality of the entire site. 

Manifestly, when an individual tries to create a genuine WordPress plugin then there may be technical flaws that are completely left unequalled. 

It is Great for Blogging 

WordPress is a premium website building platform therefore one cannot argue with its great benefits and technical reliability. The crucifix issue of plugin effects can be resolved adding different plugin to the site or converting your site to make some changes. 

WordPress is an amazing tool also a content management system through which you can create a high-profile blog within a matter of hours. In other words, we can say that WordPress is built for blogging or it is a blogging specific platform that always has magnanimous features and outstanding customer experience. 

With the help of this amazing blogging and web development tool through which you can constantly create and refresh your content with premium advantages and features that are unlikely to be seen in any other web development platform. 


WordPress is the best web development platform in the world but, there are still some problematic issues that you could encounter while using this prime platform. One of the most commonly faced issues is fully-featured CMS and workflow management. 

So, it is manifestly clear that WordPress does not allow workflow management and it also does not have the system to track user roles which is why some people have big issues regarding their website built on WordPress specifically. 

After all these facts and figures and very realistic programming technicalities, WordPress still retains its wonderful impact on the entire web development world.  

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