Why Facebook Is Banned In China & How To Access It

Many people are still wondering why Facebook is banned in china & How to Access it. Yea, it is so true, and Facebook also has some other social platforms that cannot be accessed in China.

China has made this an ongoing rule and activity for a while. And I will be discussing some of the reasons why Facebook is Banned in china & How To Access It.

Why Facebook Is Banned In China & How To Accessit

Facebook and Google are ultra-successful giants in their respective fields. Facebook has over 2.3 billion monthly active users and Google has about 2 billion users. The computer program helps immeasurable people connect with businesses and interact with them.

Why Facebook Is Banned In China & How To Access It

FB helps people around the world connect by letting them make profiles, post pictures. And videos, create fan pages for movies and games, chat with friends, etc.

In short, both are useful and simple to use, you may be asking why are they banned in china? Simple answer: Censorship! But as mentioned before Google is employed by almost 2 billion people within the world.

Facebook Banned In China

There’s virtually nothing stopping the program from logging data. To form search results accurate and targeted, Google collects data from users. China, on the opposite hand, doesn’t want Google or anyone else to eavesdrop on its citizen but china itself.

Furthermore, because of strict censorship laws, the Chinese government seeks to cover certain information. As an example, if you hunt for sensitive information like Tiananmen Square. The program will show you the miscalculation page.

VPN Access To China’s Blocked Pages

Accessing Google will redirect you to the company’s servers in the urban center. Therefore, if you wish to use the regular version rather than the Chinese one you would possibly ask yourself away to unblock in china.

The result: use a VPN from china’s list. This may allow you to determine blocked pages and have a safer Google experience since the VPN will encrypt your data.

Why Facebook Is Banned From China

The riots in July 2009, in Urumqi, Xinjiang were the most reason why Facebook got banned. Based on the investigation, it absolutely was claimed that the Chinese activists were using the social media website to speak.

In July 2018, FB tried to open a company in china, but the approval was repealed after only one day.

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