Whatsapp To Permanently Ban All Modded Versions – Here Is How to Safely Move Your Account Info

Whatsapp To Permanently Ban All Modded Versions – The well known WhatsApp mods such as GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp plus have been around for a while now, giving users more features than available on the original version. Most people who have been using modded WhatsApp accounts often find it difficult to revert to the original app because most features are not present on Whatsapp. So, the updated FAQ page for WhatsApp announced that all users of WhatsApp Plus and GB WhatsApp would have their accounts suspended due to policy violations.

In this post, WhatsApp tells us that accounts with the ‘’Temporarily banned’’ notice imply an unoriginal version of WhatsApp being used, and one must switch to the official app otherwise their accounts will be banned completely. In case you might be in this category of customers, you can follow the guidelines below to help you safely transfer to the original version of WhatsApp.

Whatsapp To Permanently Ban All Modded Versions

How to Transfer from Modded Whatsapp To Official Whatsapp

Just before you switch to the original version of WhatsApp, make sure that you back up your chat history. Therefore, this applies differently for GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus users, to know the name of your modded whatsapp, navigate through More options >> Settings >> Help >> App info.

For GB WhatsApp accounts:

  • First, make sure your temporary ban expires. Go to More options and select ‘’ Chats’’ then begin backing up your chats.
  • Launch your phone’s default File Manager and enter the internal storage.
  • Locate ‘’GB WhatsApp’’ folder and rename it (click and hold down the folder) as ‘’WhatsApp’’.
  • Open Play Store and get the official WhatsApp launch it and Verify your phone number.
  • In the backup section when setting up your account, click ‘’Restore’’ and ‘’Next’’ as WhatsApp then loads all your chats from GB WhatsApp.

For WhatsApp Plus account:

When you have saved your chat history on the modded app, WhatsApp will automatically restore your chats. WhatsApp Plus chats will get linked to the official WhatsApp version as long as you have previously saved your chat history on the modded app.

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