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What is Facebook wifi

What is Facebook wifi – Grow your business and reach more people with Facebook wifi, you can easily activate your wifi to connect customers and also attract more people to your business page using free Facebook wifi.

With free Facebook wifi, your customers or visitors to your business have an alternative to check your visitor’s check-ins can be seen by friends and family, helping you in connecting more potential customers.

This new free Facebook wifi feature encourages small and big businesses to use their social media page actively for business and in return free Facebook wifi has made it easier for them to connect to wifi all around the world.

This also allows the business to gain access to demographics data such as age, gender, and interest of the business

 What are the benefits of Facebook wifi

  • Just as mention before, when you used the Facebook wifi for your business, you encourage potential customers to check in and your exposure for new audience reach more potential audience through friendship
  • One of the most secure way to share wifi is to give the password to enable the user connect, it can be frustrating if your customers can’t access your wifi to connect quickly. Using Facebook wifi for your business means that people accessing your business won’t need a password to connect to your Facebook business wifi
  • The Facebook wifi is linked to your business page, you are will be ale to gain insight on your visitors and find out who are your returning visitors
  • There is no charge to use Facebook wifi, it’s totally free

How do I get Facebook wifi for my business?

Before adding the Facebook feature you will need to have a Facebook business page and admin access to the Facebook business page. Ensure your Facebook business has a physical address listed on the page.

You will need a compatible router. Then you will need to enable wifi Facebook in your Facebook router settings.

Your router needs to be compatible before you can access set up the Facebook wifi.

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