What Are Tiktok Gifts, Diamonds And Coins?

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What Are Tiktok Gifts, Diamonds And Coins? – It’s a pretty cool fact though. Tiktok allowing gifts, diamonds and coins to support creators. Read on and find out how it’s done.

Asides from the fact that TikTok crests endless hours of entertainment and a platform to share dance moves, it also allows content creators to make cash through virtual gifts.

The creator tends to join the Tiktok live stream program so they can stream and earn gifts from their followers.

What Are Tiktok Gifts, Diamonds And Coins?

What To Know About The Tiktok Steam Program  

Firstly, you should know this steam program isn’t open to everyone. It’s open to just users that are 16 and above and these users are actually chosen at the satisfaction/ ability of the platform. Creator on the other hand is selected depending on the number of followers they’ve got or the quality of the content they produce. Get in and stream live to get gifts from fans.

How You Can Buy Coin  

Have you got a favorite content you would like to support? All you’ll need to do is send gifts as a sort of top. The only thing is you can buy gifts using coins, which are in-app currency.

Steps to follow to:

  • Head to your tiktok profile.
  • Tap the three dots on the right corner of your screen.
  • Swipe down.
  • Click on Balance.
  • Tap on Recharge.
  • Select the number you want to buy.
  • Then pay using your Apple ID or Google Account.
  • Once you’ve got enough coins, get your gift purchase moving.
  • Once you’ve done that, you’ll see your coins balance.

If it’s your first time buying coins, you’ll have Zero but there will be a button that says “Recharge”. Tap Recharge to see how much coins are worth. E.g 70coins cost $1.29, 350 coins can be gotten for $6.49 and 7000 coins worth $129.99.

The prices of the coins change depending on exchange rates. Apparently, these prices will be different for people in Europe and also different for people in the US.

Tiktok Gifts

Once a creator hosts a live stream, followers tend to see a small gift box icon that takes you to a sort of gift shop where you make a choice on the gift you would like to purchase and send it to the content creator once clicked.

The gifts vary in price as they vary in kinds. For example, a panda cost 5 coins while a rainbow puke cost 100 coins. That’s why most times, creators talk about gifts like ” I’m Very Rich” which worths 1000coins. They tend to give their fans a quick thank you live once they receive such a gift while others tend to offer a Tiktok duet with certain followers that send the more expensive, virtual gifts (e.g Drama Queen which is worth 5000 coins).

What Are Tiktok Diamonds?

Content creators who get gifts (more like tips) at the end of a live stream automatically gets virtual credits called diamonds in their wallet.

To check your wallet as a creator, follow the steps below:

  •   Go to your profile
  •   Tap on the dots on the top right part of your device screen.
  •   Tap on Balance
  •   Go to Live Gifts.
  •   You’ll see your balance in dollars there.

Diamonds are changed to US dollars and this helps you to be able to withdraw into your bank account (your cash). One diamond is worth about $0.05usd. Only users 18+ can purchase coins and gifts. Same goes for the creators, there got to be 18+ to receive gifts and earn diamonds.

This platform (Tiktok) which stands as a medium whereby you could display your talent and also make money online is really nice. Go ahead and support a creator out there and enjoy different live performances online.

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