WAEC 2019 Withheld Results And When It Would Be Released

WAEC 2019 Withheld Results – In this article you would understand why WAEC 2019 withheld results could arise and what to do if you fall a victim.

The WAEC result 2019 for May/June 2019 exam was released on Friday, 26th July 2019 by the West African Examination Council.

This was announced by the Head of Nigeria National Office for WAEC, Mr. Olu Adenipekun as he disclosed the details of the WAEC result 2019.

This means candidates who sat the May/June 2019 WAEC examination can now check their scores. Also candidates who sat the May/June 2019 WAEC examination and were not involved in malpractices can check their results.

WAEC 2019 Withheld Results And When It Would Be Released

The Head of Nigeria National Office for WAEC (West African Examination Council) Mr. Olu Adenipekun has disclosed that:

  • Of the 1,590,173 candidates who registered and sat the WAEC 2019 Examination, 180,205 candidates have their results withheld currently.
  • This was announced at a briefing on Friday by the Head of Nigeria National Office, Mr. Olu Adenipekun at the Council’s national office sited at Yaba, Lagos.
  • Head of Nigeria National Office, Mr. Olu Adenipekun said, “The results of 180,205 candidates, representing 11.33 per cent of the total number of candidates that sat the examination are being withheld in view of various reported cases of examination malpractice”.
  • He continued “The cases being reported are therefore investigated and reports will be presented to the appropriate council committee duly”.
  • Mr. Olu Adenipekun also said “The resulting committee’s decisions will be announced to the candidates affected by their various schools.”

What To Do When Your WAEC 2019 Result Is Withheld

There are various reasons that might result to a candidate’s WAEC result 2019 being withheld.

The problem could either be individual caused or from the center which is the school you registered with.

The following are issues that might result to having WAEC 2019 withheld results.

  • Errors related to results: candidate who find themselves in these category shouldn’t panic. Once errors are rectified their result would be released.
  • By chance if WAEC discovers that a candidate disobeys examination rules, the result might be withheld.
  • If candidates at an examination center answers various questions using same words, such results could be withheld for those engaged in such act.
  • Lastly if WAEC discovers that candidates in your center use cheat such as textbooks, mobile phones etc. to answer questions, they will be forced to look into such cases.

As mentioned above candidates who are victims of WAEC 2019 withheld results should be patient.

Cases like this require special attention from NEC. The following are steps the follow:

  • WAEC council will first have to sort the results to know the real defaulters.
  • Separate them from those who sat the WAEC 2019 exam without breaking the rules.
  • The council committee will then meet to determine the fate of those in the above category.
  • Only after then can the WAEC 2019 withheld result be released.

In Conclusion

If you are one of the affected candidates of WAEC 2019 withheld results;

You are advised to contact your school governing body or admin so they can file complaints on your behalf

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