Ups Tracking Number | Ups Tracking Without Tracking Number

Ups Tracking – In performing a UPS tracking task, here are certain things you need to know. Whenever you choose to track your UPS shipment on the official website using the UPS tracking number, displayed to you are the following information you will get;

Ups Tracking Number -  How To Track Your Ups Shipment

Details for which you simply do not need to log in to your UPS account to see

  • The latest UPS parcel dispatch status and
  • The estimated UPS parcel delivery date.

Details for which you simply need to log in to your UPS account to see

  • Your UPS parcel reference number
  • C.O.D. requirements
  • Action option on sent or dispatched parcel sent by you.

What Is Ups Tracking Number?

The UPS tracking number makes it easy for individuals to see details of their respective UPS shipment when they track it on the UPS official parcel tracking website platform.

Therefore the UPS assigned a tracking number which starts with a “1Z” to parcels allows for parcels dispatch and delivery information to be displayed when parcel are being scanned as they are moved through the UPS tracking system.

A UPS tracking number, used for tagging domestic packages within the jurisdiction of the United States for instance, will consist of the following;

  • The UPS tracking number starts with “1Z”
  • Which is followed by a 6 numbers and letters character UPS shipper number
  • Then a “2” service level indicator digit, and
  • Lastly an “8” check digits which  identifies the package
  • Which makes 18 characters in total.

How Ups Online Tracking Makes Shipment Tracking Easier

  • Make a delivery reschedule or hold a UPS package for collection.
  • Make Signature Required Plan ahead for shipments arrival.
  • Be informed about your UPS shipment current status, delays, and delivery via Email.
  • Have a downloadable proof of package delivery for your personal UPS shipment records.

How To Track Your Ups Shipment

  • Log on to on your mobile or desktop web browser
  • On the displayed page, Enter your UPS Parcel or package tracking numbers as you can track 25 UPS parcel numbers at the same time
  • If tracking more than one number, separate each distinct number by using the “ENTER” return to list them one per line separately.
  • Then click on the “Track” button to view the progress of your UPS parcel or package been shipped.

How To Locate And Track Ups Shipped Parcel Without Tracking Number?

Alternatively, for parcel senders to be able to locate their UPS packages without the use of a tracking number they can simply “Track By Reference” on the UPS tracking page doing the following;

  • Log on to on your mobile or desktop web browser.
  • On the right corner of the display page, click the “Track By Reference Number” to search for your UPS parcel by description


The UPS shipment tracking (Tracking number) on the UPS tracking system enables an easy way for your business growth while managing your cash flow and exploiting the UPS tracking solutions.

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