Twitter Is Testing on an ‘Undo Send’ Button Feature

Twitter Is Testing on an ‘Undo Send’ Button Feature– Many Twitter users want an ‘’edit’’ button to fix their typos, but maybe this ‘’undo send’’ feature will work instead.

Have you ever tweeted something and immediately regretted it? Well, Twitter is cooking something special just for you.

Twitter Might Soon Let You Undo New Tweets

Jane Manchun Wong is the nearest the internet has to an undercover spy when it comes to the features of all our favorite platforms. Once again, the reverse engineer has uncovered a feature yet to be released, and this time, it’s a timer that gives users about five seconds to undo their last tweet.

Twitter Is Testing on an 'Undo Send' Button Feature

While this might be important if you somehow spot a typo in your tweet right before you hit send, some folks have pointed out that the timer would be much more useful if it showed the tweet that just went up

UI and UX designer David Svezhintsev (@daveranan) answered to Wong’s tweet saying: “Well, in that case I wish there was a preview of the tweet while watching that ticker go.”

This might be the closest that we might ever get to an edit button for tweets. Twitter users have been crying out for an edit button practically since the service first launched in 2006. Unfortunately, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey confirmed in a YouTube interview with WIRED that the service would “probably never do it.”

What Else Does Twitter Have in Store?

We can’t tell when Twitter will add the undo timer for all its users. Wong’s track record is quite varied; sometimes she discovers new features months before they officially roll out. Other times, the release date doesn’t come too long after.

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