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Twitter announces Paid Super Follows and Communities Features – Twitter has released information; it will be introducing two new features to its platform. These coming features will be the first premium features to be released by the company. It is said that users will now be allowed to monetize and make money from every of their tweet. These coming features include super follows and communities.

Let Quickly Explain Them In Details

Super follows feature: this feature will allow Twitter users to change who they are following on a monthly fee to access special content on the platform. This feature is quite similar to patreon and YouTube membership options. This will allow the users to earn directly from their followers and it will also allow Twitter to take a cut from these earnings.

Twitter announces Paid Super Follows and Communities Features

Communities feature: this is quite different from the Super follow feature. These communities’ features will make it possible for users of the platform, to create and as well join groups that have a particular theme or interest. Then those who are part of communities will then be able to see posts from like-minded individuals instead of the somewhat randomness of the present timeline structure.

Though there is no official word yet on when these features will be accessible, many have been waiting for a way they can earn from the platform. The introduction of super Follows and Communities will present users of the platform that opportunity.

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