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Twitter Ads for Business- With over 500 million tweets posted per day, Twitter is fast becoming one of the most suitable platforms for companies and brands to reach out to an even larger audience and improve the social influence of their brand. One effective tool that has its utilization on Twitter to improve your company’s influence and help you meet your target audience is Twitter ads and in the later section of this article, we shall be discussing the various ways to use Twitter ads for business.

twitter ads for business

The ads you post on Twitter can help you get your content to users who are most likely to have interest in your service. These ads have design to help you connect with your audiences globally, get desirable results that require action and add more value to your business. There are different Twitter ads available for users to choose based on the kind of service they offer.

Types of Twitter Ads for Business

  1. Promoted tweets: this is kind of ad advertisers pay to display their brand or content to Twitter users are not following them. Just like regular tweets, they are subject to reactions like retweeting, likes and so on. You can identify a promoted tweet through the that says “ promoted “.
  2. Promoted account: this kind of ad allows you to promote your Twitter account to other users who aren’t following you but may have an interest in your products. Users always find these accounts are displayed in the timeline of potential followers, follow suggestions as well as search results
  3. Twitter promote mode: this is mostly for beginners who have little or no idea of what Twitter ads is all about, this kind of ad help marketers to get their first 10 tweets to show on your selected audience.
  4. Promoted trends: the most talked about topics on the network can be found in the trending section. These promoted trends allows you to promote hashtags that will appear on users’ timeline and their explore tabs.

Twitter Ads for Business – A Step by Step Guide

With all being said, let’s get down to the interesting part, in the remaining part of this article, I shall be walking you through the steps involved in setting up a Twitter ad for business. Let’s get started, shall we? :

  1. Set up your Twitter account: if you don’t have a Twitter account, log on to to start and open your account.
  2. Choose your objective: you have to decide on what you want to achieve using Twitter ads. It’s important to decide carefully as the engagement and activities you’ll pay for depends on your objective.
  3. Create your ad group: this is a subcategory for your campaign. As a beginner, you may want to stick to an ad group, and as you get comfortable with Twitter ads, you may then decide to split your campaign to reach different audiences.
  4. Select or create your ad placement: Twitter will present you with some of the existing tweets you wish to promote, and if you wish, you may as well create a new tweet for your ad.
  5. Target your audience: there are various options available for you to choose from to help you meet your desired audience. Some of these options include targeting your audience through age, gender, location, demography, and technology.
  6. Launch your campaign: after going through the above steps, review your steps once again and have conviction about your choice, then move ahead to select “ launch your campaign” to launch your ad.

And that’s all about setting up your twitter account for ads. As you continue to use the platform, you’ll get more familiar with other Twitter tools that’ll help make advertising much easier and help you to meet your desired target.

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