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TTMALL REVIEW – All you need to know about TTmall. TTmall is a new online making money platform that requires you to perform tasks on the website for you to earn.

TTmall is an international e-commerce platform that pays it user to promote goods on the website. When you order from the TTmall platform, you will be paid a certain amount of money for completing your order.


Before you access such benefits, you will have to purchase a subscription plan before getting access to this income program. Just like every other income platform, TTmall subscription plan is multi-tiered and the amount you will earn for completing orders depend on the amount you invested in the first place.

In this article, I will be discussing everything you need to know about the TTmall platform

How does it work?

TTmall links merchants to promoters. Merchants pay the platform to generate more sales and promoters are in turn paid to advertise. If you are familiar with mybonus2u platform you will have no issues understanding how this platform works.

How to earn on TTmall

There are two major plans on how to earn on the TTmall platform. You can either earn from ordering products on the TTmall platform or you can invite friends and family to register using your referral link.

For you to actively earn on TTmall, you must be a VIP member. There six VIP plan on the platform

Jumia e-commerce merchant

Jumia e-commerce is the base plan and it will cost you N1,000. You will earn 3.2daily commission which will be accumulated over the month

Konga e-commerce merchant

The subscription fee of this plan N10,000 and you get a daily commission of 3.7% each day for completing orders. Which is automatically added to your TTmall account.

Dealdey e-commerce

The subscription fee for this plan is N1000,000 and you earn a daily commission of 4.2% daily.

Yudala e-commerce Merchant

This plan cost N500,000 for you to register and hog earn a daily commission of 4.7%.

Payporte e commerce Merchant

This plan cost N2.5 million naira and your daily commission for this plan coat 5.2%

Vconnect e-commerce Merchant

The subscription fee for this plan is 5 million naira and your daily commission is 5.7 daily.

These are all the available plans on the TTmall platform.

How to Register for the TTmall Platform

Signing up for the TTmall platform is quite easy, all you have to do follow the instructions now to avoid any mistakes

  • Enter on your web browser
  • Complete your registration by providing the necessary details
  • Find your account
  • Choose the best plan that suits you.

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