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TransferWise is a web money service launched within the UK in 2011. it’s available worldwide. and thru it, you can send money from almost every country to Nigeria without stress.

Perhaps, the foremost outstanding thing about Transferwise is that it’s repeatedly cheaper than a bank. Yes, sending money through Transferwise has been proven to be repeatedly cheaper than a daily bank. They achieve this by using two local transfers rather than one international transaction.

The company first gained public attention when American billionaire and founding father of Virgin Group, Richard Brandson was publicly curious about investing within the company. it’s grown to become the fastest, cheapest, and most reliable way to send money.


Advantages of Sending Money with TransferWise

There are many advantages to think about once you chose to send money to Nigeria with TransferWise.

  • TransferWise uses real time rate of exchange. an equivalent rate you see in Google and other sources is what Transferwise is using. No short changing.
  • They deliver your transfer directly into the checking account of the recipient in Nigeria within 24 hours. 25% of transfers are credited within minutes.
  • The truth is, they’re generally cheaper than sending through banks or the other transfer service out there.
  • TransferWise is employed by quite 3 million people around the world.
    Transferwise is 100% safe and that they are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, a bit like a UK bank.

How to Send Money to Nigeria Using TransferWise

Take these steps in order to send money to Nigeria with Transferwise:

1. Create a free account: The first step to sending money through Transferwise is to make a free account.

  •  Click here to sign up with Transferwise
    To create an account is free.
  • The person to who you’re sending money doesn’t get to have an account. Only you the sender need an account.
  • Sometimes, you may be required to try to do some form of verification. that’s not always the case but it should be easy if you’re asked to and can take a maximum of 2 days.
  • You can register as a private entity, if you like, you can add your business as well.

2. Enter your recipient details: After you’re ready to get started and prepared to send. 

  • You merely enter the details of the recipient. You can send money to your family, friends, business partner, you can even send money to yourself (maybe you would like to transfer some money to your Nigerian bank account).
  • Enter the account number and every one details. that’s all. Your recipient doesn’t need to open a Transferwise account in order to receive money.

3. Buy your transfer: You can now buy or pay for your transfer. Payment is extremely easy. There are many options. you’ll pay together with either your credit or debit card, you can also pay via local bank transfer. There are other options counting on where you’re sending from.
It is advisable to pay with either credit or debit card if you would like to send the cash fast. Bank transfer might actually take a while before the fund gets to Transferwise to send money.

4. Relax and wait: That is all. Your payment is prepared to travel through. If you provide the e-mail address of your recipient, they’re going to immediately be told of the transfer.
If you’re able to send then go here now.

Note: You can also open a Transferwise free account to request payment from your relative abroad or from your clients outside Nigeria. Click here

In conclusion, Transferwise is certainly the fastest and cheapest thanks to sending money to Nigeria from the USA, UK, Canada, Europe and anywhere around the world

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