The Christmas Chronicles 2 (2021): The Christmas Chronicles 2 Review

The Christmas Chronicles 2 – Clay kaytis the Christmas chronicles has something that makes it magical even before viewers made it a number on the streaming platform Netflix. Kurt Russell who played Santa Claus proved to be an amazing inspiring choice, especially with the family-friendly action-comedy introducing a version of kris kringle who is all-knowing and straight-talking.

The Christmas Chronicles 2

Russell Santa extent the Christmas cheer with the assistance of a brother and sister was like invite to watch the bright side of life, and wizardry behind it was a sly wink from Santa.

There is good news for every anticipating the sequel of the Christmas Chronicles 2, the good news is that new director Chris Columbus a family movie heavyweight in his own right doesn’t mess with a mix of heart and holiday making the original so rewarding, and this sequel also has a bigger Impromptu musical number than the jail cell light shows from the original.

The bad news is the Christmas Chronicles 2 is not worth that much to the first movie blueprint, the Christmas chronicles focus on mild amusing indulgences more self-centric shenanigans, Santan mythology, more roller coaster sleigh rides. The Christmas chronicles settle more for chintzy spectacle than the inspired touch that made the original so different and worth a while.

However, Christmas chronicles 2 has some interesting plot developments, like a sudden time travel detour or a game of chicken between two sleighs in the sky its major contribution of mixing in battles with the Christmas spirit runs charmless.

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