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Sword Hunter Mod Apk is a thrilling and action-filled android game. Thugs and criminals have invaded the town where you live. As the only one capable of fighting back, you sharpen your blades and develop your skills to fight back.

Sword Hunter Mod Apk

Sword hunter was developed by Potato Play and lets you fight against a lot of bad guys. The game is inspired by the samurai Japanese martial arts but has a comic-style design. Players can level up and unlock many exciting upgrades and equipment.

Features Of Sword Hunter

Collect and Combine Skill – There are a lot of skills that can be unlocked in the game. You can select a skill to be used per battle, which includes, dodge up, flower slash, health up, and more.

Unique Gear – The game features a variety of armours and weapons players can unlock for their use. While the items that can be unlocked include boots, helmets, dresses, and more. These items boost your attack, defence, and health.

Earn talents – These talents boost your in-game stats and also unlock unique traits.

Fight a Lot of Bad Guys – The game has a story-packed adventure where you have a multitude of bad guys to fight and defeat. You’ll mostly fight against thugs and rival gangs.

Unique Locations and Bosses – You can choose from a wide selection of locations. There are also a lot of bosses to fight to test and hone your skills.

Exciting Gameplay & Graphics – Coupled with its anime-inspired animations and samurai-styled battle style. The graphics are just amazing and fit the gameplay style.

Good Character Building – In the game, you’ll enjoy the anime cutscenes that add a lot of feel to the game. The great soundtrack and smooth animations are awesome bonuses.

How to Download

The game is an all-around fun and exciting experience you will not regret. It is aimed at giving you the normal action feeling while having a relaxing effect.

To download this game, follow the steps below;

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