Streamvale Christmas: Christmas 2021 at Streamvale Open Farm | Fabulous Christmas experience

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Streamvale Christmas – Streamvale is a very interesting place to be, if you are thinking about the best place to have fun and feel the vibe of Christmas, I advise you to visit streamvale and have an amazing time.

It is a place where you have a good value for all you get, a magical storyride on the back of a tractor and trailer, making reindeer food with the kids, and a trip to Santa where you can take many photos as you like unlike other places like hillmount that charges 10 pounds for just one photo

Streamvale Christmas

If you want an amazing Christmas experience that will put your entire family in the wind of Christmas.

How to Participate in Streamvale Christmas 2021

1. Book your tickets online

2. Arrive early before your time slot, please remember that traffic is heavy this time of year. You can come up to the entrance 10 minutes before your time slot is due to begin.

3. Our magical Christmas Experience begins with ginger bread decorating with Mrs. Claus and a warm drink

4. Then the magic begins with a tractor ride. The kids will be given bells to shake and songs to sing.

5. Your guide then takes you on an adventure to find our beautiful deer. When we find the deer, they will come right to the fence and we will give you carrots to hand feed them. (We cannot guarantee that our deer will always come over as they sometimes just do what they want!)

6. On the way to cuddle some animals you will pass our nativity scene with Christmas Carols playing in the background to really get you in the mood for the big day.

7. Your guide will then lead you through our beautiful Christmas tree trail, with thousands of sparkling fairy lights and some magical snow. Once you pass through the trail you will hear a magical Christmas story featuring all our beloved animals at the farm. You will then get to see and feed all these characters including our ponies and rabbits!

8. Next stop the kids can warm up inside and have fun making up some reindeer food to bring home and leave out on Christmas Eve

9. Each family will go in individually to meet Santa. You will have time to chat and take your own photos

10. Santa will then give each child a pass to take to his workshop. Inside you will meet our elves, you will need their help in choosing a present as there is hundreds to choose from to take home.

The whole time that will be spent on the experience will not be more than 2 hours and everything will be concluded.

As this is a Streamvale Christmas tour with fixed times for rides and meeting Santa you have to arrive on time or you will miss your slot. For the day to run smoothly we have to leave on time! If you are late you will miss out on those parts of the experience and refunds will not be given. If the event is cancelled due to COVID, refunds will be available.

During checkout, we encourage you to leave a note for Santa with your child’s name and what they would like for Christmas to make it even more magical on the day.

Ticket sales started on Wednesday 8th September at 7pm.


Adults £11

Children age 3+ £19.99

Child Age 1-2 £11

This payment covers the presents that will be given at the experience.

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