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Steam Link App is now on Mac App Store – Apple being well known for it’s restrictive control over it’s app store have always been against it’s unfathomable policies that’s been applied in-regularly pending on the app. Valve had to under that better even though it was done the hard way years back during the period of it’s launch in the first stream link on the app for iOS. After that issue was handled, about two years the Mac version of the app made its way finally to Apple’s desktop platform. New is “Stream Link App is now on Mac App Store”.

Steam Link App is Now on Mac App Store

A Steam Link is actual hardware launched in the past that can let it’s owners stream cool games through a PC that’s powered up and linked in the house to other supported devices. Either a PC or a smartphone. The former middle man “Valve” was taken out which made things simpler by only requiring just a steam link app. Asides from the whole implementation (both hardware and software) the features and concept still remains the same

Steam Link App is now on Mac App Store

Well, Apple didn’t find the Launched Stream Link for iOS by Valve funny. Apparently, not just Apple had a problem with this launch but the iPhone makers claim that the app violated is app store policies, especially the one that prohibited any other content store available on mobile platform regardless of the steam link simply being a remotes desktop kind of software. It was later discovered that Apple’s complain was that they couldn’t take charge of how the users had access to buying it from steam especially content that it doesn’t administer nor think is appropriate for all it’s users .

Using Steam Link App on Mac OS

The Steam Link App is now on Mac App Store after a year. It’s got a restriction on the purchases of new games through that link allowing only stream games that you have purchases on Stream. About two years after that, Steam Link is available on the Mac App Store with the same restrictions.

Steam is available directly on MacOs, though Mac users have access to the titles available for only Windows, Steam’s main platform. For that to work out, a fast and stable local network would be required i.e., Gigabit Ethernet or 5GHz Wi-Fi. Just MFI-CERTIFIED controllers will have the controller support.

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