STARCLICK REVIEW – All you need to know about star lick. Star click is an online advertising platform that connects advertisers with internet users who want to make money online.

This is not new; we have come across various platforms like mybonus with the same aim. Advertisers pay a particular amount of money to introduce their products or services on star click and in return, starclicks pay its members to can’t out some tasks like sharing an advert on their social media page.


Starclick comprises of two section

  • Advertisers
  • Publishers

Advertiser’s account gives you access to advertise your products or services, while the publisher section let’s you perform task like sharing to generate income.

I will be talking about how you earn on this platform and as well as publish an ad.

How to Earn on Starclicks

Starclicks pays $0.01 for their base plan and you will need to have a hundred to make $1, the platform aims that making money on starclicks is a piece of cake, but is it really a piece of cake?

However, starclick has three membership plans available. New users fall under the silver members default, and they learn $0.01 per click, there is no accurate information on how much the other membership plan earns.

How to Register on Starclicks

Depending on your aim of wanting to register on the platform, you can also register as an advertiser or publisher all you have to do is

  • Visit starclicks official website
  • Tap on the sign-up button
  • You will be redirected to a page for you to select the account type (Advertiser/publisher)
  • Fill out the form and provide the necessary requirements

Starclicks has been available for over 12 years and still counting,

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