Manager Job On Social Media – 10 Important Skills And Traits – A Complete Guide

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manager job on social media – Do you want to browse social media all day, especially your favorite social media platform? If so, then I think being a social media manager will suit you.

Do You Wanna Be a Social Media Manager?

Nahhh! I take that back; sorry I pulled a prank on you. But come to think of it a lot of people have this funny notion that being a social media will afford them the opportunity to browse social media all day. Granted you are definitely going to browse social media all day but let me shock you, it way more than just that, it entails the following:

manager job on social media

1. Identifying and list down the most important tasks for the day

As a social media manager, you have a lot of daily tasks to accomplish. So, therefore, it is important to list down these important tasks that have to be completed in the day. You have to know that there are tasks that cannot be carried to the next day.

2. Keep up with trends

As a social media manager, you have to monitor trends in real-time. Things happen so fast in social media being, a trend some few minutes ago might not be a trend the next minute. Therefore, it is vital to constantly check the trending articles, keywords, hashtags, etc. throughout the day.

You would have to spot or identify consumer behaviors, their habits, and their online activities to analyze their impact on your company’s products/services and that is because this trend analysis will inform how you develop your content and marketing strategy.

3. Content Creation

Content and content creation are the very heart of social media marketing. It is every social media manager’s role to create content that keeps your target audience engaged, and interactive with your brand.

As a social media manager, you need to have a content strategy that includes blog posts, infographics, videos, pictures and many other contents to keep your target audience glued and looking out for more from your brand.

It is expected of a social media manager to have a daily ritual of creating educational and informative content for her readers. The content should be based on the trends that are prevalent on social media so as to attract and engage the right audience.

4. Content Curation

There is no doubt that content creation is awesome. But it is vital to recognize that quality content alone is not sufficient to meet the needs of your social media audience.

While every digital marketer would like to create and share original quality content, more often than not getting fresh ideas for your social media posts, blog posts, and e-books can seem a little bit challenging.

That’s where content curation comes to the rescue and it has to be incorporated into the daily task of every social media manager.

5. Schedule Content

As a social media manager knowing how to schedule helps with sharing informative content at a time when the audience is most active. Moreover, consistent content is the secret of a powerful social media presence. Hence scheduling content remains as one of the most important daily tasks for a social media manager.

Your target audience are online at different hours of the day and expects you as a social media manager, to post useful and engaging content round the clock, which makes it important for you to schedule your content.

6. Engage New Followers

One of the important steps a social media manager is to take is finding new audience every single day irrespective of the number of followers that one may already have.

As social media manager should analyze and spot out people who are genuinely interested in your product and services. You have come up with a variety of lists with labels, such as contest list, influencer’s list, campaign list, etc. With these lists, you can reach out to the appropriate set of people based on their category.

However, doing this manually every day is a huge task and also time-consuming. Therefore, you have to pick from tools like Followerwonk and Tweetreach to identify people with interest around a particular topic.

7. Interact and engage with Audience

One of the things dreaded by social media managers their content doesn’t get the desired engagement from target audience.

Engaging with customers/clients on social media helps you to know and analyze your customers, it helps you know their preferences. It is important to quickly respond to your target audience in order to serve your them better. This leads to building loyal customers in the long run. With all of this added together, it will give you more leads that convert.

Tools such as  Agorapulse can be employed to track the tweets and mentions from different customers in a single screen.

8. Brand Monitoring

A social media manager you will be taking out time every day to monitor your brand on social media. Any conversation such as mentions, blogs posts, etc. relating to your brand should be identified. When your posts and content gets likes, replies, retweets, shares, etc. it should be use immediately to engage further with your audience.

However, it can be insane if you try to do this manually knowing that there are millions of posts on social media every single day. This is where social media monitoring tools like Hootsuite comes in, it makes your daily routine tasks simpler.

9. Monitor your Competition

As a social media manager, it is important to identify your key competitors, analyze these key competitors daily in order to know various aspects of your competitors such as the content they publish, the frequency of their posts, the influencers that they are engaging with and the campaigns that they are running.


10. Measure Results

Assessing your performance is the key to your success as a social media manager.

Analyzing your performance can be a huge task. But it is vital because it informs the tasks to continue and equally the tasks to discontinue.

With the huge amount of data on social networks, it makes it almost impossible to categorize useful data that can be used to learn more about the behavior of your audience.

If this is not managed properly, then there is the likelihood of missing out on new leads, audience conversations, industry trends, and brand mentions.

Don’t go yet! I guess by now, you have to see that being a social media manager is not easy as some people make it look. Pursuing a career in this path requires dedication and daily efforts. Top of Form, Bottom of Form.

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