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Send A Special Video Greeting Card To Someone You Love For $35 (Save $14) – In the course of human history, greeting cards have evolved exactly twice. First came the embedded audio chip that played music upon opening the card. (Related: This hysterical Flight of the Conchords episode.) And now there’s a card with a built-in screen that plays the video when you open it. Video! In a greeting card!

Imagine the delight of, say, a grandparent who opens such a card to find 10 minutes’ worth of adorable grandkid clips. That’s the idea behind Heirloom, a new service offering exactly this product (which it refers to as “video books”).

And I’ve got a deal for you: For a limited time, Cheapskate readers can get an Heirloom video book for $35 shipped with promo. Regular price: $49. There’s just one catch: For the moment, the only way to take advantage of this is via Heirloom’s iPhone app. Android, web, and even iPad aren’t yet supported.

Send A Special Video Greeting Card To Someone You Love For $35 (Save $14)

Assuming you’ve got an iPhone, the process is simple: Install the app and choose the videos you want. You can also record a new video within the app, just in case you want to add a personalized greeting

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Once you’re done, you get a preview of the finished product as it’ll look in the book — a very nice touch. Then you can select a cover: Stick with the basic white “Heirloom” or choose a colorful birthday, flowers, or love design.

Finally, you provide the mailing address of the recipient, along with a gift message that’ll appear in the book. (Make sure to apply the coupon code on the checkout page.)

The book itself measures 5×7 inches and incorporates a 5-inch screen. There’s also a speaker and rechargeable battery. The video can be user-replaced at a later date if desired.

I think this would make an amazing gift, especially for someone who’s not especially tech-savvy. And I think $35 is a very reasonable price, given that you can easily spend $5-$10 for a plain old throwaway paper card that does nothing.

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