Sell iTunes gift card for Bitcoin: Buy Bitcoin (BTC) with iTunes Gift Card | How to sell iTunes gift card for Bitcoin

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Sell iTunes gift card for bitcoin

There are several ways you can purchase bitcoins, they are:

  • Buying Bitcoins for cash
  • Buying Bitcoins from ATMs
  • Buying Bitcoins from exchanges via wire transfer
  • Buying Bitcoins using debit/credit cards
  • Sell iTunes gift cards for bitcoins
Sell iTunes gift card for bitcoin

Many buyers of bitcoins remain uninformed about the exchange of iTunes gift cards for bitcoin. That is why this topic is really essential if you have iTunes gift card that is just laying around you can trade them for bitcoin. In this article, I will be discussing some of the services that let you sell iTunes gift card for bitcoin.

How to sell iTunes gift cards for bitcoin

Here are some platforms you can sell iTunes gift cards for bitcoin


Paxful is just like eBay for Bitcoin, it is a peer marketplace for trading cryptocurrency and it supports over 300 payments systems including payment with iTunes gift cards. You can definitely sell gift cards in exchange of bitcoin on this platform.


The cointal portal is also a peer-to-peer marketplace for trading cryptocurrency, they also let you sell iTunes for bitcoin on this platform.

Local bitcoin

Local Bitcoin is another famous Bitcoin start-up company that allows to peer bitcoin trading base in Finland and has been in used since 2012. It supports over 30 payments methods including iTunes gift cards.

If you choose to sell iTunes for gifts cards, all you need to complete this process are:

A clear picture of the gift iTunes card

A data enable device, strong internet connection if you already have these let’s proceed.

 Register on any of the aforementioned platforms or you already have an account with them follow the steps below:

  • Tap on but bitcoin
  • Provide the amount of the iTunes
  • Tap on search

When you tap on search, a list of buyers that are willing to buy a gift card for bitcoins will appear to find a good deal and trade your gift card for bitcoins.

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