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The Poketch app makes its return in the pokemon brilliant diamond and shining pearl, in this article we will discuss where to find all of the available Poketch app when playing.

During the 25th Anniversary earlier this year for the Pokemon Franchise event, an announcement was made, the remakes of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl have finally been launched.

The games will likely serve as a nostalgic trip for longtime players, especially those who originally played the titles on the Nintendo DS. While the gameplay and story remain largely as players remember them, developer ILCA updated the game’s visuals and also expanded certain features such as the Grand Underground and Ramanas Park.

Poketch Apps

Pokemon Brilliant diamond and shinning pearl also bring back the Poketch App, a device that originally took advantage of the Nintendo DS and it’s lower screen.

This device was intended to funtion similarly as a smartwatch, offering the player several apps each having its own functionality and purpose.

Gladly, the Poketch appmakes its return inside the Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl remakes. Being given to a player in Jubilife city after speaking to a man standing in the center of town and finding three clowns around the town.

By pressing R on the Nintendo controller, the Poketch app can be interacted with. Naturally, there are multiple apps that can be found while playing through the game. Below is a complete list of the Poketch apps and where to find them:


It is seen as one of the basic and standard apps on smart devices, this is a simple calculator that can be used to solve and perform math equations. However, it also has a secret function that if the player types in the number of a pokemon in the Poketch, that creatures cry will be played. This app is with the Poketch by default.

Memo Pad

It is a blank field on the screen that players can use to write notes or draw pictures using the cursor. Memo Pad can be obtained by earning enough from the first batch by beating Roark from Oreburgh City.

Return to Jubilife city and speak to the president of the Poketch company again. However, players will find him on the ground floor of the Poketch company building on the western side of the town.

Digital Watch

As expected, the digital watch displays the actual time, based on the players switch settings.This is included in the Poketch by default.


It is another default app of the Poketch app which tracks the amounts of steps made in-game. This can be cleared by pressing the ‘C’ button.

Pokemon Party List

This app shows users the currently active party, their current health, as well as if they are holding any items or not. This is another default app in the Poketch apps

Friendship Checker

The Friendship checker shows the friendship level and values for each Pokemon. By tapping and holding the over pokemon. It displays a heart indicating the level of friendship ranging from zero to two. Zero means none to low friendship status, one is normal friendship status, and two means high to max level of friendship.

Players can add this app to their Poketch by speaking to Aroma Lady at the Eterna City.

Dowsing Maching

The Downsing machine can be used to locate hidden items in an area similar to the previous game. Players can use it to scan sections where players tap on the app.

Egg Monitor

Any pokemon left at a Nursery can be checked up on through this app as well as whether or not an egg is there. The Valuable fact about this app is that players would have to return to Solaceon Town to check on them.

The Egg monitor app can be obtained by talking to the man sitting by the table at the Solaceon Town Pokemon Nursery once the player has left a Pokemon behind the Nursery.

Pokemon History

This app is built for those who want a recap. The History app shows the last 12 Pokemon that have hatched, evolved, or been captured. Selecting the icon of Pokemon will play its cry. This app can be forund in Solaceon Town. Simply speak to the left of the Pokemon Center.


By pressing the ‘+’ icon in this app will raise a number displayed on screen, though it will revert back to zero if another app is used. Many players tend to use this app less as a random counter and instead counts encounters in chains when hunting for pokemon shinies or the number of egg hatches

Analog Watch

Being similar to the default digital watch, this app instead displays the time on the Poketch in the style of a traditional clock with an hour and minute hand. Just like the style of a traditional clock with an hour and minute hand. Just like digital clock, its set to the time of the Nintendo switch and is valuable for hunting Pokemon at specific times of the day.

Marking Map

This map app displays a Sinnoh region and allows players to place their own markers for points of interest of places to visit at a later date.

After obtaining the third badge from the Maylene at Veilstone City, players should return to the president of the Poketch Company at Jubilife to receive this app.

Coin Toss

A 50 / 50 coin toss app, players press’s a button to flip a digital version of a coin with ah Megicarp symbol on one side and a pokeball on the other. The app can technically be used to make a fair decision, depending on which way the coin lands.

Players can find one of these after gaining access to the rock climb TM / HM move and visiting a Rich boy from the Valor Lakefront suite.


This is similar to the watches, it is synced to date and time. In order to get it players will have to head to Sunyshore city where the gym leader volkner is located. After arriving, find a poketch developer in a house near pokmon rock to the east. In order to convince them to hand over the app, the player will need to show them a pokemon with a serious nature.

Dot Artist

Dot Artist is similar to the Memo app. Dot artist lets players create and draw pixel art by tapping cells and changing shades. In the same location as the calendar app, players will wan to speak to the Poketch developer and show them a Pokemon with a Native nature.


The spinner is the third app which players can get from the Poketch developer at Sunyshore city. It features a spinner in the center, being similar to a roulette wheel that can be spun by pressing the play button, and stopped by pressing the square or clear to erase the drawings made around the spinner.

In order to get this app players will have to show developer a Pokemon with the Quirky nature.

Chain Counter

This app shows the top 3 Pokemon players have consecutively encountered through the poke radar, with the species and number of Pokemon in the chain.

In order to get it, once inside Ramanas park, players should speak to Professor Oak who will hand it over.

Kitchen Timer

A Snorlax shaped timer, players can change the seconds, minute, and hour values up to 100 minutes maximum, before counting down to an alarm, many players fins the value in this app to help in figuring out when the Honey Tree Wait time is up.

In order to get this app, you will have to speak to the girl at Ramanas park and show her Snorlax.

Color Changer

Being similar to a setting in most digital devices, the color changer allows player to switch the background color of the poketch.

This app can be obtained from the same girl at Ramanas Park after showing her the chameleon-like Pokemon, Keclon.


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