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Online Universities In USA – A lot of people have the dream of studying in the US but most of those dreams seem not to come to pass mostly because of the distance and sometimes lack of finance. Well, the world today is global and basically, everything is going digital. Meaning that you can actually study in any country you want including the Us without actually going to the Us physically.

Online Universities In USA

 Amazing right that is what the online university means. it is simply going to a school and getting all the knowledge and information you need online. now you don’t have excuses for not going to that school that you have always wanted to go no matter where you are all over the world and you actually have a dream of studying in the US.

Yes, you can get that degree you’ve already desired to get so worried no more because am going to be giving you a list of online universities in the US.

Online Universities In USA

Below is a list of schools that offer virtual or online education programs and are accredited by an accrediting body recognized by the US Department of Education.  The Distance Education Accrediting Commission is the primary body that recognizes online schools, but not all schools on this list are by that agency.

This list includes schools that offer fully online programs exclusively, as well as schools that offer at least one fully online program in addition to campus offerings. During the COVID 19 pandemic, many of the colleges and universities in the United state offered classes entirely online, particularly facilitated via Zoom

List of 65 Universities in the USA (Online Universities In USA)

  1. California Pacific university
  2. Arizona state university
  3. Black stone Career institute
  4. Academy of arts university
  5. American college of education
  6. American public university system
  7. Brookline college
  8. Bryan University
  9. California Baptist university
  10. Brescia university
  11.  Bradley University online
  12. California coast university
  13. Anthem college
  14. Anderson university (Indiana)
  15. Anthioch university
  16. Allied American university
  17. American national university
  18. Atlantic university
  19. Aspen university
  20. Boston university online
  21. Azusa Pacific University
  22. Columbia university
  23. Drury university
  24. Concordia university, Texas
  25. Ellis university
  26. Edmonds university
  27. Everest university
  28. Everglades university
  29. Florida state university
  30. Florida tech university
  31. Full sail University
  32. Friends University
  33. Grace bible college
  34. Granite state college
  35. Gonzaga university
  36. Grand Canyon university
  37. Granite state college
  38. Grantham State college
  39. Fordham university
  40. Golden gate university
  41. Iowa state university
  42. Ivy bridge college
  43. Kaplan university
  44. Jones international university
  45. Kaiser university
  46. Kendall college
  47. La Sierra college
  48. Marist college
  49. Lynn University
  50. Liberty university
  51. Lawrence tech
  52. Layola university New Orleans
  53. LA sell college
  54. Lake forest graduate school of management
  55. ICDC college
  56. Idaho state university
  57. John Hancock university
  58. John Hopkins university
  59. International academy of design and technology
  60. Heald college
  61. Keller graduate school of management
  62. Concordia university, Nebraska
  63. Concordia university, st Paul
  64. ECPI university
  65. Case western university

With this knowledge of various universities in the USA, you can now choose from a wild variety of programs. it could be a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree. They will also be available to support you in getting any information you require. (Online Universities In USA)

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