Mi Box Remote Not Working – Reset Mi Box Without Remote – Fix Xiaomi Mi Box Remote

MI Box Remote Not Working – presently Mi Box comes with Bluetooth 4.0 low energy to establish the remote connection between the box and the remote device when something is bad and you are in a state of your Mi Box Remote Not Working, you can follow some couple of steps to fix the problems encountered.

MI Box Remote Not working

How To Fix Mi Box Remote Not Working?

Stage 1: kindly unplug the Mi Tv Box and fire up again after 5 to 10 minutes. If the remote is still not working, then follow the next step.

Stage 2: An android smartphone is needed to follow this step when you have obtained one, you can now download the Mi Remote app from the play store. When you are done. You can then gain access to Mi Box from Mi remote app and navigate the settings. Then you can see the paired list and re-pair your devices from the settings. If you disconnect the remote from the list and pair again, the problem of Mi remote not working will be solved

Stage 3: in case none of the listed above steps works for you, it then means there might be a problem with the Bluetooth connectivity and 2.4GHz congestion around your house. When you disable the 2.4 GHz signal from your router the problem will be solved

These steps are used to troubleshoot the Mi Remote not working problem. I hope one of these steps works for you.  

How To Repair Xiaomi Mi Box Remote Not Working?

If you are presently facing challenges with your Xiaomi Mi Box Remote not working or pairing with your MI Box android TV Box? Then we can fix it together going with the following steps:

To check Xiaomi Mi Box Remote Not Functioning, Connecting or Pairing

1.check MI Box Remote Batteries

2.Remove and Restore Battery

 3.Restart the Xiaomi MI Android TV Box

4.Make use of the Android TV Remote control App

Unpair and Repair

Do this to have your Xiaomi MI Remote unpaired and repaired

1. use the Android TV app as remote, Go to the settings on the Xiaomi MI Box.

2.choose Xiaomi Remote under Remote and Accessories

3.choose unpair under Xiaomi Remote.

At this point, an instruction asking you to pair your remote will appear. Click on the required button combination as you ensure the remote is near the MI Box and it will connect seamlessly.  

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