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Do you know that having a Gmail account is very important because you will need it in opening some other account on other platforms like YouTube, Google play store etc. You also need it in having a good and secretive conversation or deal with someone. Having a Gmail account simply makes your dealings very much official and respected.

Many individuals, businesses uses gmail to have their deals because it is safe and secured. It’s not enough having a mouth to mouth conversation when dealing with some official matters. You also need to have them documented and saved for reference purpose.

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Some persons don’t know the importance of having a gmail account and that’s why they are not concerned about opening an account for themselves. Opening a gmail account doesn’t require much stress or procedure it just entail few details of yours to get your self an account on gmail then you can start operating with it.

If you are interested in having an account now on gamil, then kindly read up this content to learn the steps involved.

How to Create a Gmail account.

Once you are ready to have an account on gmail then in less than 5mins you will have your account creating following the guidelines below.

  • Go to www.gmail.com
  • Click on sign up/create account
  • Enter your first and last name in the provided space
  • Enter a preferred user name for your account . Note, if the name has be taken already google would notify you about it and ask that you pick another name.
  • Create a good password for your account and renter it again to be sure it’s same with the first one
  • Click on next
  • Enter your phone number correctly (a code would be sent to your phone number which would be used for verification)
  • Put in your date of birth and gender in the provided space
  • Click on next
  • Read the Google policy and click ‘I Agree’
  • Your account has been created.

With these few steps you already have an account with gmail and you can access it any time you choose to make use of it using your login details.

  • Gmail Email Login
  • You can login to your account following the steps below.
  • Visit gmail.com
  • Enter your email address as the login user name
  • Click next
  • Enter your password correctly
  • Click login

How to Recover Forgotten Gmail password.

If eventually you can’t remember your password you used in creating the account, kindly follow the steps below to recover it immediately.

  • Visit gmail.com
  • Enter your user name. Note, your user name can either by your email address that you created or your phone number. So any of them can serve as your username
  • Click next
  • Below the screen you will see ‘ forgot password’ writen, click on it
  • Click on ‘Try another’
  • On the recovery page, click on Text
  • A text will be sent to you via the phone number you used in registering the account. The text contains a verification code, copy the code.
  • Enter the code sent to you in the provided spave and you will be ask to put in a new password so as to help you gain access to your Gmail account.

Once you follow these steps carefully, you can recover your account immediately. And also make you don’t share you account password with anyone.

How to Change Gmail password.

You can choose to change your gmail password when you suspect some ongoing activity that you are not aware of due to access from other person’s. It’s important to keep your password to yourself and not give anyone so that people don’t have access to your account and start doing so funny activity there.

To change your account password kindly follow the steps below.

  • Login to your Google account using the login process
  • Tab on your profile
  • Click on google account
  • Select security, and a new page would be open to you
  • Click on password
  • Enter your recent password
  • A new page will open which you will enter your new password
  • Re-enter your password again to ensure that it match.

You have successfully created a new password for your account. Your old password can no longer access this account.

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