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MyBonus is a platform that you can use for shopping and you are also being paid after shopping with them. This site works also like Z-Union. If you have enjoyed Z-Union, I believe you will enjoy this one too because it works like Z-Union, you can earn a Minimum of N200 daily with MyBonus.

Now, if you think or looking to spam this payment site as you must have done for Z-Union, I am sorry to disappoint you as you can’t find this platform easy-going at your end, though you can go ahead to try it out. However, be sure you finish reading this post to get all the information you need to know on MyBonus.

How does MyBonus work

As a customer, you can recharge your account with a particular amount and get entitled to place 60 orders, and you will also earn a specific percentage for each order you place.


They have Six packages or plans that is available for you to subscribe to, the Minimum package costs one thousand Naira, and the largest package cost eight Million Naira. The Six Package that is available on MyBonus are:

Silver Hall:  The Minimum amount for this package is N1,000; and the maximum is N59,999. You will be rewarded with 3% for each order.

Golden Hall: The Minimum amount required for this package is N60,000; the maximum amount is N179,999. You will be rewarded with 3.5% for each order.

Platinum Hall: The minimum amount required for this package is N180,000; the maximum amount required is N499,999. You will be rewarded with 4% for each order.

Diamond Hall: The minimum amount required for this package is N500,000; the maximum required ia N2,99,999. You will earn 4.5% for each order.

Crown Hall: The minimum amount required is N3,000,000; the maximum amount required is N7,999,999. You will earn 5% for each order

Supreme Hall: The minimum amount required is N8,000,000. You will earn 5.5% for each order.

Looking at the requirement there is no maximum amount that you can invest on this platform, this shows that the limit to which you will earn totally depends on how much you can recharge your MyBonus account with.

What is MyBonus minimum withdrawal threshold?

The minimum amount you can withdraw is N1,000 and the maximum withdrawal amount is N100,000,00

As we already discussed, when you have recharged with at least N1,000, you will be permitted to place 60 orders each day and earn a particular percentage of the amount you recharge.

For instance, let say you make a recharge of N1,000, which suppose to give you 3% of the amount per order, and you have to place 60 orders. After placing the 60borders, you will be rewarded with 3% for that day. So, the money you paid to recharge your MyBonus account will still yours. You are allowed to withdraw it anytime you want.

How To Join MyBonus

In case you want to be MyBonus a try, you should create an account by using this https://mybonus2u.ssdh5.com/register/. You can sign up for an account by providing your username, phone number, and any password you desire. Immediately you are done with providing all the is required tap registered, and tap goes download. This will move you to your app store (Google Playstore & Apple Store) to download the MyBonus app.

How to recharge MyBonus account?

Before you can decide to recharge your account, you will need to finish your profile on the platform. It is important to do this within a short period of time:

  • Open the app: click Mine at the bottom navigation area:
  • Click Profile and finish your profile
  • Return back to the previous menu, i.e ‘Mine’ page;
  • Click Address Management and fill in the original name and phone number

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