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if you want to search for Dating App, you will find many, but Tinder is still the most popular of all, packed with many features, Tinder boasts more than 30 billion matches and joining is quite simple. knowing How to Use Two Tinder Account on one phone is quite simple

Do you know you can set up multiple Tinder profiles if you want? What is difficult to do is to have all the account being open at the same time on your phone or the device you are using, this can achieve only by following one of the steps below.

How to Use Two Tinder Accounts on One Phone

How to Have Multiple Tinder Accounts Open at The Same Time:

There are three ways you can do this:

Step 1: Tinder++

Tinder ++ is a modified version of the stock app, with loads of additional features, and you can use it side-by-side with the stock app – two accounts open at the same time.

Tinder ++ can only be installed via an unofficial app store called TutuApp, but this is easy enough to install and use:

  1. Download TutuApp onto your iPhone or iPad using the official website
  2. Before you use it, open your settings app and go to General > profiles
  3. Find and tap the TutuApp profile and tap on Trust
  4. Close setting and open TutuApp from your home screen
  5. Search for Tinder ++ and tap the result – follow the on-screen instructions to install it to your device

Step 2: Parallel Space

This is a cloning app, and because if is official, you can download it from the iOS app store.

  1. Download parallel space from the app store – the first three days are free then it costs $9.99 if you opt to buy it
  2. Launch the app on your iPhone or iPad and accept all the requested permission – this is likely to be contacted, microphone, camera, and storage. The app needs these permissions because it is used as a way of cloning social media apps, all of which use these features
  3. You should see a list of all the apps on your device – tap Tinder and then tap on Clone App

You now have two Tinder apps to use on your device at the same time. Be aware that if you do not purchase the app, your clones will not be available after the free trial.

Step 3: Panda Helper

Panda helper is another unofficial app store with thousands of unofficial apps, games, and more, all for free. It is different from TutuApp in that you can download more than one version of Tinder ++ – you can have as many of your Tinder profiles open at once as you want.

  1. Download panda helper into your device using the official links
  2. Open setting and go to security
  3. Open panda App and search for Tinder ++
  4. Open profile and Trust the panda app profile
  5. Several versions will appear, each with different features – choose and tap on each that you want in turn, following the instructions on the screen to download them
  6. Sign into each one with a different Tinder profile, and you can have them all open at once.

The best part is, panda helper and TutuApp are both free to use, and both offer thousands of other apps and games too. There is no need for you to jailbreak your device; all you need is enough space on your iPhone or iPad for, however, many Tinder apps you want.

The lack of requirement to jailbreak means that anyone can use any of these methods, and your device security is not compromised in any way.

All you need to do is make sure you trust the profiles in your settings app but, if you are not keen in using unofficial app stores, you can use the official parallel space app – don’t forget though; if you don’t pay the subscription fee after your trial period, all your cloned apps will disappear.

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