Microsoft Office Apps – How to Get Microsoft Office For Free – List Of Microsoft Office Applications

Microsoft Office Apps – Microsoft office is a set of computer applications mainly used for business or office purposes. first introduced in 1990, office software is made by Microsoft cooperation. basically, Microsoft office helps to simplify basic office tasks and improve work productivity. every task has a specific application that is designed to address it, such as word processing, data management making presentation, and organizing emails.

Microsoft Office Apps

Microsoft has within the years developed multiple versions of the office that can be supported by different operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and macOS. MS Office is also offered in 35 different languages. it is simply a software that has improved productivity in offices and schools.

Microsoft Office Apps

   The most common Microsoft app that that almost everyone is familiar with is Microsoft word, excel, and outlook other apps include Microsoft Access, Microsoft OneNote and Microsoft Publisher, and Microsoft PowerPoint.

the following are the list of Microsoft office apps

  1. Microsoft word; is a word processor that lets users make and edit text documents, such as reports. letters, project writing, etc.
  • Microsoft Access; this is a database management system that allows you to link and use data from other sources, manipulate the data you have gathered in different ways, as well create simple business applications.
  • Microsoft Excel; this is an electronic spreadsheet program that helps you sore, organizes, and manipulates data by creating simple to complex spreadsheets.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint; allows you to visually display information, using anything from basic slideshows to professional multimedia presentations.
  • Microsoft Outlook; this is a personal information manager mainly used for emails but can also be used to store calendars and contact information, manage tasks as well as organize meetings
  • Microsoft OneNote; this is a digital alternative to a paper notebook that allows you to create, organize and share your notes easily
  • Microsoft Publisher; this is a graphic design app that gives users creating materials for marketing or publishing more options in the layout and design of their documents

Benefits Of Microsoft Office Apps

  • ease of use; Microsoft office is well known for being easy to use as each program comes with helpful features that can help you achieve nearly any goal. have in mind that you can do anything you imagine with this software
  • online support from Microsoft; Microsoft websites consist of pages devoted to supporting their MS office products. the site has free templates available for Microsoft software. it also has automatic updates that help keep your software bug free so that it can always work effectively.
  • Online Tutorials; there are tutorials that have been put in place to help you learn more and use all Microsoft Office apps with ease. their many websites online to teach you since this software is very popular.
  • office 365 offers anytime anywhere access. office 365 was developed so that Microsoft cloud embrace cloud technology while still offering their existing services.
  • security; Microsoft has taken the responsibility of keeping your data safe from threats of cyberattacks and the likes.

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