LONGRICH MLM REVIEW – In case you want to know if Longrich is a scam or not? This Longrich review will provide you with all the information you may need to know about Longrich.

For those thinking, if Longrich is a scam or not, I can assure you that it is not. They have proven to be one of the most reputable and long-standing companies in the industry. However, there are some challenges with their long-term viability, which will be tackling as soon as possible.

This company has been in existence for over 30 years and has always made sure that its customers are well served with a high-quality product. Their services are top-notch and response to customers’ issues has been their priority.


Long MLM Business overview

Longrich was introduced in the year 1986 by Mr. Xu Zhiwei, who has over years of experience in international life sciences research and development (R&D). though he was trying to create something different from what he had seen somewhere – a firm where talented people could come together to work on long-term research and development projects, with the vision of making an important contribution to the community.

This company visionary project is an antibody therapy for Huntington’s diseases (HD). Presently in phase 1 clinical studies, it targets to alleviate symptoms by blocking an abnormal protein that accumulates in cells affected by HD. It has been shown to be safe and effective for humans in preclinical animal models – this includes primates such as rhesus macaques who have otherwise never lived very long without treatment.

Where is longrich situated?

The LONGRICH Bio-industrial park is home to LONGRICH Bio-science Co.., Ltd (Longrich). The industrial park has a total area of around 2000 MU that is about 500 acres.

Longrich production capacity is 20,000 tons of cosmetics per year and a production value of 500 per year, which is making it one of the major companies in the cosmetics business in southern China. Cosmetics, household cleaning goods, health care items, furniture, real estate, logistics, and a variety of other products are among the healthcare product.

The Longrich has more than 12, 000 workers in the organization, more than a third of them being doctoral students, field experts, or highly skilled profession. Longrich expansion and market share have been steadily increasing for the past 30 years.

Longrich Achievement

The ISO9001 international Quality system and the ISO14001 international Environmental protection System have been awarded to Longrich. The Longrich company received the award of ‘’Customers Most Trusted Company’’ and ‘’Chinese Quality of Top 500’’ in 2008

Jiangsu LONGRICH Bio-Science CoLtd has officially secured China’s direct selling license, according to the ministry of commerce’s direct selling industry management information systems. Longrich was named one of the ‘’Top Ten Profitable Enterprises in the Cosmetics Manufacturing Industry’’ that year.

This company has achieved its goal of constructing eight research and development facilities, which include:

  • LONGRICH(Japan) Beauty and Health Innovation Center
  • LONGRICH (USA) Health and Cosmetics Research Institute
  • LONGRICH French R&D Center
  • Tsinghua University
  • Jiangnan University (fod science and technology national key laboratory)
  • LONGRICH Institute of Biotechnology
  • LONGRICH Joint Functional Foods Research Institute
  • LONGRICH (headquarter) R$D Center
  • LONGRICH Post- Doctoral Research Station
  • LONGRICH Enterprise Academician Station

LONGRICH has committed itself to rejuvenate China’s economy for the past 30 years, boosting the company’s scientific development standards while striving to make significant advancements in the company’s development.

3 Longrich Top Promises

Vision: To be the best health and beauty solution provider in the world

Mission: Dedicated to a Beautiful and Healthy Lifestyle

Value: collaboration, perseverance, passion, change, Diligence, Continual Improvement, and perseverance.

How to become a longrich distributor

To be a Longrich distributor is not a big deal, in this article, I will be sharing with you how this can be possible without stress, I believe now that you have read about Longrich you may be interested to be part of them. So, worry no more.

To be a Longrich distributor all you need to do is to get yourself a sponsor, which I know will not be a difficult task, then a form will be provided for you to fill in your details accompanied by the reasons why you want to be part of Longrich and leverage the Longrich MLM business.

Then, if you want to become a qualified Longrich distributor, you will need to buy the starter package, which includes four and a performance bonus, development bonus, leadership bonus, or maintenance incentive.

The starter packages include the following:

  • Q Silver package – $100=8%
  • Silver Package – $340=8%
  • Gold R2000 Package – $960=10%
  • Platinum Package – $2300=12%  

To be able to locate a stockist in your area, kindly send an email to [email protected] or [email protected]

Longrich compensation plans

Longrich has a very fantastic compensation plan for his qualified members, they are expected to benefit from the following below:

  • Cars
  • Abroad Trips
  • Housing plans
  • Healthy   Lifestyle Assurance

Instead of a distributor, You can become a Longrich stockiest, you will also be enjoying all your commission as a distributor.

What is longrich MLM Business all about?

Longrich International is a global manufacturer with locations in 183 countries. New York, France, Japan, and china are all home to her research institutes. Direct sales 2014 News ranks it 42nd among the top 100 MLM companies in the world. Xu Zhi Wei is the chairman

What products do they have?

 it is everyday consumables they include Toothpaste, cream, Soap, Shampoo, Roll-on, Fruit and vegetable shakes, Health wine, Mouth freshener, Green tea, Cordyceps coffee, Mosquito repellent, Hand cream, Sanitary pad, and pantyliners that treat and prevent infection, supplements such as calcium, Natural antibiotics, Energy cooking pots, Alkaline cups, and a variety of other products are among our offerings. Their whole line of items is medicinal and multifunctional.

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