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Likee Apk 3.65.52 – Download likee app for your android to create, edit, and share videos.

Likee is a video-sharing platform, it is one of the most significant ways to access and share information with other people worldwide.

Likee Apk 3.65.52

Likee Features

There are different aspects of likee that make the platform fun. Honestly, there are various social media app that functions similarly to likee but there are various features that make likee better.

Here are various benefits and features in likee application

You can access many popular and current features on likee:

Stickers & Magic

You can use different stickers to show off creativity or to create funny content, you can also add music to create unique content for your viewers

Face magic

This feature enables you to swap face with your favorite celebrities for an interesting result

Beauty cam & Filters

This feature enables you to beautify your videos, beauty cam will make you look stunning for the camera, you can also change your background to suit your taste there are so many filters you can utilize for your content

Super Mix

This feature enables you to transform different aspects of your video scene by enhancing your video with some special effect work

Live community

You can find various talented people just like you on likee, you can make friends on the platform.

You can go live and also watch somebody live stream on the likee platform.

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