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Jango is a free app radio that allows you to play music, you can choose the song you want and customize it to your taste. All you need to do is go on the www. jango.com type in the name of the artist or genre of the song you wish to listen to, and how you wish to listen to it

Jango has over 1000s of genres, millions of songs by thousands of artists you know and love plus new songs and artists to discover, Jango is the best place to get all your favorite music for free. Stream music stations that you can customize to suit your test.


Jango just like Pandora is a free internet radio only that it comes with fewer ads and more variety, it is the best radio to listen to hundreds of stations or create your own favorite music. You can access hundreds of music with no commercial interruptions, Jango Radio is a free personalized radio service that brings you your favorite music.

Jango radio app

The Jango radio app streams personalized radio to your android device with no charges. With the Jango app, you can access unlimited music no ads for your android device, you start by searching the name of your favourite artist or band then Jango will customize a station based on the music as well as that of a similar artist. Alternatively, you can tune in to hundreds of expertly programmed genre stations like top 100 hot countries, classic rock, and many more.

All these come with unlimited streaming and ads free.

Features of Jango app

Here are the features that come with Jango, some cool features that will let your listening experience worth it.

  • You can shuffle your stations to extend play list with Jango
  • You can easily find tune your stations by adding artist and banning songs you don’t like with Jango.
  • Users can easily share stations with their friends on Facebook with Jango
  • You schedule the sleep timer to turn off music later on the Jango app
  • Any android 4.1 or newer version can access the Jango app for free
  • Unlimited and free streaming with Jango
  • Easily customize radio stations with artist you love
  • Tune in to 100% of expertly curated stations in dozens of genres, from dance and you try to holiday music and hits by decade.

How to listen to songs on Jango

Jango was launched in 2014 and since then it has become a leading force within the house and vocal music realms. Here is the process on how to properly utilized Jango:

  • Access Jango website or app
  • Access the search bar
  • Type the name of the artist or genre of the music you wish to listen to
  • The name the artist and picture will appear
  • Tap on the search result
  • Once you click on the search result, a song by the artist will automatically start playing.

Categories of songs on Jango

Categories of songs you will come across on Jango:

  • Today’s top 100
  • Listen now
  • Brown playlists
  • Browse artist
  • Browse music
  • Hit’s songs of the 60s/70s & 80s
  • Jango mobile free music

Just like that, you can listen to your favourite songs on the Jango radio website for free for as long as you want.

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