IELTS Exam Fee Full Scholarship Application 2020: Apply Now

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IELTS Exam Fee Full Scholarship Application 2020 – Having an IELTS certification is one very great advantage for international students. This is one certification that can help you achieve your dreams in your chosen career path. An estimate of 5 million students from 140 nations apply for the test every year.

IELTS Exam Fee Full Scholarship Application 2020

There are really bright students out there with greater potentials to pass the IELTS exam in flying colors but have been held back due to financial constraints. Challenges like these make students totally give up on applying for the exam. Considering this, IELTS is giving out free scholarships for students to be able to pay for their Test fee.

Requirements for IELTS Test Fee Scholarship Qualification

Below are the requirements to be met for this scholarship qualification:

  • It must be your first time to take the IELTS exam
  • You must be under 32 years of age
  • Family bank statement showing family income of less than $250 per month
  • Gone through High School have at least 75% marks
  • Recommendation letter which shows you deserve the scholarship from a teacher in your previous school
  • Passed undergraduate courses with not less than 3.0 GPA

The application is done online and candidate have just still August 30, 2020 to apply for the scholarship. This is a full scholarship and will be paid into the bank account of the candidates within 45 days when the final result is declared.

If you are sure you meet the requirements then you can Apply Now

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