How To Sell On Facebook Store Step by Step Guide

Facebook Store – How to sell on Facebook Store Online from your Facebook Business page becomes a quest for Online Business Owners even after setting up a Facebook Shop on their Facebook business page.

Just in case you haven’t set up yours yet and you are a business owner who sells things, you can go through my previous article on “how to create a Facebook store.”

How To Sell On Facebook Store

By taking advantage of the Facebook store or Facebook shop Facebook Business page to sell your products or goods. This becomes a really good opportunity to showing your business to a larger network of customers potential who will buy from around you and all around the world.

Facebook Store – How To Sell On Facebook Shop

  • Having followed my description on my earlier post on how to simply to add the Facebook shop to your Facebook page or “how to create a Facebook store.” As explained on my previous article’ to sell on the Facebook store with ease, here is what you should do
  • Log on to your Facebook page or Facebook business page account
  • At the top menu of your profile below your Facebook business page profile picture, click the “Shop Now” button, which should now take your page visitors to your Facebook Store or Facebook Shop section.
  • This is only possible after which you might be done with the Facebook store setup process, your “call to action” button changes to a “Shop Now” button.
  • Proceed by Describing What You Sell in your “Shop” in not more than 200 characters or fewer
  • Click on the “Add Products to Your Shop” button

Once the above is done, you’ll now be able to edit the below following details for each of your products.

Continue by filling in your shop product details.

Likewise for the “Facebook’s detailed guidelines and recommendations” for product photos are contained in the Facebook “product listing guidelines page.” They include the following:

  • You should have at least one image for each of your product.
  • It must be a real image of the product and not some graphical representation, illustration, or product icon.
  • Product image recommendation is a minimum of “1024 x 1024 pixels”.
  • Product image recommendation should have a white backdrop or simply take captures the product in a real-life situations.
  • Product shouldn’t contain text like “calls to action or promo codes”, content that are offensive, advertising or promotional material, watermarks, or any time-sensitive information.

Other “guidelines and recommendations” for your product description, include the following:

  • The product description should be limited to the products only and be easily readable, making use of short but understandable sentences and bullet points.
  • Facebook shop Product description cannot contain web links (HTML), phone numbers, email addresses, long titles, punctuation which are in excess, all letters capitalized or in lowercase, book or movie spoilers, or external links.

On a final note, you would find a few “guidelines and recommendations” about your product varieties. In summary, you can only have four variety per products to be displayed and your variations should be spelled out and not abbreviated. For example, you should simply say “Small” not “Sm” for sizing options for products.


The Facebook Store or Facebook Shop feature is another beautiful and exciting way that business owners can simply boost the marketing and publicity of their Facebook pages or Facebook Business Pages.

If you sell physical products and you simply meet the Facebook criteria as discussed in my previous post for Facebook Store or Facebook Shop feature availability to you Facebook page or Facebook Business Page, this is a great opportunity for you to boost your business awareness to a lot of people.

Let us know what do you think about this article? Likewise is this Facebook store or Facebook Shop feature available to you? And are you simply planning on adding a Facebook shop or Facebook Store to your Facebook page or Facebook business page? Please do let us know what your experience with setting up this Facebook shop or Facebook Store feature in the comments session! #Cheers

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