How to Manage or Tweak App Notifications in Windows 10

How to Manage or Tweak App Notifications in Windows 10 – We will be sharing with you how to block notifications from an app in window 10 or change how you want those notifications to appear.

Windows 10 consists of a notifications system that is greater than old versions. It allows you to control how and when you see notifications from apps and websites.

We will be discussing how you can manage notifications in windows 10 so you stay in control of alerts.

How to Manage or Tweak App Notifications in Windows 10

How To Access Notification Settings In Windows 10

Firstly, you should know where the options related to notifications live. Open the setting app using the Win + 1 shortcut or clicking the Gear icon in the start menu. Then choose the System entry, followed by Notification and actions in the left sidebar.

On the Notifications header, you will see some basic options for how notifications work. Turn off the Get notifications from apps and other senders to disable all notifications (except Windows alerts) in one move. In some cases, this is not important as you have more granular control options,

Below this slider is a series of checkboxes to tweak other behaviors. Disable show notification on the lock screen for increased privacy. Turn off Allow notification to play sounds to disable all audio alerts at once. And below, you can disable some Windows alerts designed to assist you to use your device.

When you are not aware already, you can also know about the action center in windows 10. This is a sidebar you can access by clicking its icon in the bottom-right corner of your screen, which looks like a message bubble. The keyboard shortcut Win + A also works.

How to Tweak Notifications for Individual Windows 10 Apps

The other of the notifications options page falls under the Get notifications from these sender’s section. You can choose specific apps and tweak how their notifications work in windows. Set the sort by menu to most recent to easily find apps that have sent notifications recently.

You can decide where visual alerts appear. Disable Show notifications banners to hide the popup alerts that appear in the corner of your screen. You can also uncheck show notifications in the action center if you don’t want them to show in that panel.

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