How to Lock Apps on iPhone: Smart and Simple Guides

How to Lock Apps on iPhone – It is no longer hidden that feature-wise, iOS lags behind Android in a lot of ways. Sure, iOS 14 brings many improvements for iPhone users, including better home screen customization, new widgets for iOS 14, and others. But it still lacks some basic features. For example, iPhones do not have a simple way to lock apps. many apps these days, like WhatsApp, offer built-in app lock mechanisms. But it would be better if Apple integrates this feature natively, allowing us to lock any app we want. If you are in need to lock your iOS apps, keep reading this article to guide you on how you can lock apps on your iPhone

Lock Apps on iPhone (2021)

When you want to use a passcode to lock your iPhone apps, I will guide you on what you need to do, note that Apple does not offer an app for the locking mechanism, this method is a bypass, but it can do what you want.

How to Lock Apps on iPhone
  • Go to ‘Settings -> Screen Time ‘on your iPhone and set up a ‘Screen Time Passcode’. You can also choose to enable Touch ID or Face ID at this point.
  • Then, click on ‘App Limits’ and then on ‘Add Limit’.
  • Choose the app you want to lock by first tapping on the category (left image) and then selecting the app (right image). For example, let’s assume I want to lock Snapchat. To do this, I will click on the ‘Social’ category and select ‘Snapchat’ from the list.
  • Then, click ‘Next, set the time limit to 1 minute, and tap ‘Add’ at the top right corner. ensure the toggle next to ‘Block at End of Limit’ is turned on.

The app you selected will be locked after 1 minute of use. you should know that one minute is barely anything for apps that you open many times a day, for example, Snapchat, this method is quite a decent bypass to lock iPhone apps. When the apps are locked, you will need to insert your screen Time passcode to access them.

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