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How to Change Your Background on Zoom – Do you know you can change Your video call background by using the Virtual Background tool? We will be sharing on to use it.

It has been known that everything is now on Zoom. though a lot of groups choose to do most of their activities on this communication platform such as parties, birthday, reunions, meetings, conference, and etcetera. Some people use it as a platform to do their work.

Though, when your house is unkept or there is other activity in the background, you don’t wish anyone in your call to see everything around you.

How to Change Your Background on Zoom

In case you have ever caught before in a meeting in between arranging clothes or in weird corner to get a Wi-Fi signal, this post will show you how to change your Zoom background on every kind of device.

 How to Change the Zoom Background on Desktop

Though Zoom supports a virtual background on both PC and Mac, you will have to make sure that your Zoom app is updated.

Be aware that no matter how new or old your desktop device is Zoom background may not work without a green screen if your processor does not meet the minimum requirements.

First, open the Zoom app on your desktop. On the upper right corner of your screen, go to settings (Gear icon)>Background & Filters. Then, you can select between the available backgrounds or add your own by clicking the + button.

The effect will now be applied to your video call and you can go ahead and use your new virtual background.

System Requirements: Zoom Background Without a Green Screen

This system requirement for using a virtual background on Zoom differ slightly if you are using a physical green screen or not.

You will need the latest version of Zoom if you are not using a physical green screen. This virtual background feature also has different minimum CPU requirement depending on whether you are using a physical green screen or no green screen.

If you want to see the full list of system requirement for the virtual background feature simple visit the Zoom website.

You can possibly run into an issue if you are using a budget PC or laptop that is several years old. E.g Intel i3 CPUs are only supported for virtual backgrounds that are image-only without a physical green screen.

How to Set Zoom Background on iOS

Just like the Zoom app on PC and Mac, you may not be able to change your Zoom Background in the iOS app unless you are already part of a Zoom meeting.

When you start or joined a Zoom meeting on the Zoom App, click More > Background & Filters. Then, choose your best background or upload one of your own.

If you are iOS device user, Zoom supports background changes for iPhone 8 or iPad 9.7/Pro onward.

How to Change Zoom Background on Android

For Android users, you will need to be part of a Zoom meeting before changing your background.

If you want to change your background, when in a meeting, simply click More > Virtual Background. With all this information I believe you can now be able to use any of the default backgrounds or select your own from your Gallery.

Sadly, a lot of older version of Android will not be able to support a Zoom background. While Zoom has not launched an official list of devices, it was rumored that this may be a result of processor limitations across devices.

Make Meetings More Private

If you are working from your home it has many advantages, though not everyone is committed to have their co-workers or clients get a glimpse of their houses. While Zoom is an important tool for many companies, there are still limitations that makes meetings difficult for some people.

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