How to block Wema Bank ATM card (stolen or Missing)

How to block Wema Bank ATM card – If your ATM is stolen or missing there are reasons why you will need to block your ATM card. You have to quickly block your ATM card to ensure that your money in the bank is not tempered with.

You can quickly notify your bank of critical cases, like those involving lost or stolen cards, which has proven to be very helpful and can help you avoid losses.

How to block Wema Bank ATM card

It is heartwarming to know that wema is one of Nigeria’s most resilient financial institutions that offers a digital application unlike any other. Getting in touch with them is easy, as simple as any other way you could imagine.

How can I block wema Bank ATM Card?

We have so many ways you can block your Wema Bank ATM Card. They include the use of the bank’s USSD code, mobile banking option, or blocking it via the bank’s online platform. To inform the bank of your situation, you can call them directly at their contact number.

Use the Wema Mobile Banking Service to block your ATM card

This will help you to control your ATM card. You can switch your card on and off for online payments, ATM withdrawals, and POS payments.

Get Wema Bank ALAT on the Google Play Store

  • Register in the app with your details
  • Follow the prompts to choose the card option
  • Choose the reason you want to stop your card
  • To complete the card blocking process, confirm and submit
  • Then, your ATM card will be blocked by the bank

Use the Wema USSD code to block your ATM card

If you want to quickly use USSD code to block your stolen or missing ATM card simply follow the steps below:

  • Call *945
  • Select the wema Bank self-service option
  • Follow the prompts to stop your ATM card

Those steps above will help you instantly block your wema Bank ATM card from the comfort of your home.

You can block your ATM card via the wema Bank online Banking

This is an online banking platform where you get solutions as a customer at no cost. It helps you access your account from anywhere you have internet access. This service can be used to block your card in the event that it is lost, stolen, or if you suspect suspicious activity. Follow the steps below:

  • Log in using your account ID, password and other details

How to block your ATM card, surf the site

It is important to remember that you will need to register and register and accept the bank’s terms and conditions (T&C) you will have to complete the online registration form. To get started simply submit the registration form.

Contacting the Wema Support Team

You can quickly contact the wema bank customer service to block your ATM card. This can be done without you appearing physically at the bank.

Call: the WEMA Helpline can be reached at 07000787753, or you can contact your branch using the contact numbers provided.

Email: contact wema Bank support via their email at [email protected]

SMS: you can contact wema Bank support via SMS-Send your message to 07051112111



You can also connect to the bank via their live chat and ask for ATM card blocking.

What happens if you block your ATM card?

When your card is blocked, your card will no longer be accessible by anybody, you won’t be able to use it to access funds via ATMs or POS.

The blocked ATM card will no longer work and you will need to go to the wema Bank branch nearest to you to request a replacement card. Once the card is activated, set your new pin and activate it.

How to unblock an ATM Card

To unblock an ATM card depends on the reason it was blocked.

Automated unblocking (24-hours): to prevent misuse, ATM cards are blocked for 24 hours if you enter the wrong ATM pin three times. It will then unlock after 24 hours of blocking it

Submit written application: the cardholder who mistakenly blocked the card will need to make a written request at the bank branch nearest to him/her. To unlock the card, this must be accompanied with the cardholder’s identification proofs.

Bank issues new card: the bank will give the cardholder a new card if the card has been blocked due to security breaches in their system

Redeem your expired ATM card: it will be blocked if the ATM card is expired. The bank can renew the card and issue a new one.

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