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HOW TO ADD PAYPAL TO FACEBOOK PAYMENT METHOD – Since PayPal is one of the widest payment integration channels acceptable by a wide range of commercial entities for making payment and sales much easier hence adding PayPal as a Payment Method for Facebook Ads becomes a priority for Facebook Marketplace shop or store owners and how to add PayPal to Facebook payment method becomes a concern likewise.


If you have got a Facebook Page and it’s a Facebook business page, which you want to sell things or either plead for donations on your Facebook page, then here are two ways to go about it.

  • Generated PayPal link Facebook Post can simply be done: this method is advisable for people who would like to solicit other Facebook users to donate or pay for a course they stand for in a Facebook post. The generated PayPal link will appear in their Facebook friends Newsfeed, and likewise their Timeline.
  • Adding a PayPal Payment Buttons: for Facebook business page or Facebook Marketplace shop or store owners who would only love to sell or collect money for one thing on their Facebook page. They can do this is easily Adding a PayPal Payment Buttons with a PayPal “Buy Now” or “Donate” button.


  • Simply “Login Log” your business PayPal account via On your desktop web browser
  • Upon display of “My Account Overview” page, click the “the Merchant Tools” tab at your account dashboard or “My Business Setup” link at the left side bar of your displayed page. 
  • On the “My Business Setup” displayed page.
  • Click on the orange “Start Now” button at the “Set up my payment solution” section.
  • On the displayed page, Click on “Donate” button if what you wish is collection of donations at your Facebook page from people. Or.
  • Click on “Buy Now” button if what you wish is sell something at your Facebook page or Facebook Marketplace shop or store to people.
  • The “Donate” button will displays a payment page where people can choose the amount of money they want to give you. While the “Buy Now” button displays a page with fixed cost and your product description for payment.
  • Assuming you choose the “Buy Now” button.
  • After clicking on it, the “Create PayPal payment” button now page opens for you to input or enter your preference in the required fields such as choosing “Button type” typing your “Item Name” inputting item “Price & Currency” then other fields might be optionally filled or left as their default value.
  • Click “Create” Button, and the Button code generator page opens.
  • Copy the generated “Buy Now” HTML code as you will need to put it into your Facebook Page
  • Now login to your Facebook page
  • To add the PayPal “Buy Now” button you need add the Facebook “Static HTML iFrame tab” app to your Facebook page
  • Search for the Facebook “Static HTML iFrame tab” app using the Facebook search box
  • Click the search result and on the display page click the “Add Static HTM” to your Facebook page
  • Click on the “Agregar Static HTML iframe tabs”.
  • Click on “Install Page” tab.
  • Then Click on the “Authorize the Tab” option.
  • Upon following the above steps you have now successfully created your new Facebook Page Tab.
  • You are now ready to add the PayPal payment button HTML code to your new page.
  • Click on the “Source” link at the right side of the displayed page. This will change the view from “Editor” view where you type in normal text to “Source View” where you can add HTML script.
  • Copy and paste the PayPal button code you generated into the page.
  • And you will see your PayPal Payment button
  • You can likewise add any additional text and or picture you want, then click the “View” button.
  • When people click your “buy now” button they will be taken to a page where they can pay with their credit cards or their PayPal account.


Adding a PayPal payment button to your Facebook page simply makes your merchandise activities easy and stressful less as with the click of the PayPal payment button people can easily make payments or donations to you.

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