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House Cleaner Jobs in USA With Visa SponsorshipIn the USA, there’s a shortage of unskilled workers. This means jobs like housekeeping, office cleaning, janitorial work, babysitting, and more have the potential to earn you good money and even offer a chance to move to a developed country.

These job opportunities can be life-changing. You can secure a decent income, the opportunity to start a new life in a developed nation, and even get support for your visa. If you’re interested in learning more about jobs as a house cleaner jobs in the USA with visa sponsorship, keep reading.

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Part-Time and Full-Time House Cleaner Jobs in the USA

Job Title: Housekeeper (Full-Time and Part-Time)

Requirements: We prefer candidates with a healthcare background, like experience as a live-in caregiver.

Ascension St. John Health, 36750 26 Mile Road, Chesterfield, Michigan 48047

Work Hours: Both full-time and part-time positions are open, but we prefer candidates with flexible availability. Your specific schedule will be discussed during the interview.

Initial Wage: You’ll start at $15 per hour.

Application Method: We only accept online applications.

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Maid and Housekeeper Positions with Visa Sponsorship

19 positions available.

Job Details:

  • You’ll receive training to handle various cleaning tasks at the motel, following strict cleanliness and sanitation standards.
  • Your responsibilities include making beds, restocking linens and toiletries, cleaning rooms and common areas, dusting, vacating guest rooms, and sanitizing restrooms.
  • You must strictly adhere to all local, state, and federal sanitation regulations, as well as COVID-19-related guidelines and directives.

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Details of House Cleaner Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

Position: House Cleaner

Location: USA

Job Type: Full-time and Part-time

Salary: Starting at $15-17 per hour (Basic Pay Rate), with potential for higher pay with experience

Visa Sponsorship: Available

Employee Benefits: Included

Knowledge Requirement: None

Experience Requirement: Not necessary

Additional Perks: Employee benefits provided.

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Requirements of House Cleaner Jobs in the USA

To be eligible for visa sponsorship, you must meet the following requirements:

1. High school diploma or equivalent.

2. Valid driver’s license.

3. Basic English reading and writing skills.

4. Proficiency in using cleaning materials and products.

5. Capability to handle large objects and lift weights.

6. Endurance for extended periods of standing.

7. Legal authorization to work in the United States.

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Job Description of a House Cleaner

House Cleaner Responsibilities:

  • Sanitizing and cleaning various areas.
  • Alerting homeowners to potential health and safety concerns.
  • Common cleaning tasks such as vacuuming, sweeping, emptying trash cans, dusting shelves, washing windows, and mopping floors.
  • Keeping an eye on cleaning supplies and ordering more when necessary.
  • Some cleaners may also take on additional tasks like dishwashing, changing bed linens, laundry, and ironing for extra compensation.
  • Cleaning carpets and wood surfaces with vacuums and brooms.
  • Maintaining the interior decor and organization of living spaces.
  • Providing care for the elderly or children, depending on the household structure.
  • Tending to toilet and bathroom cleaning.
  • Housekeepers may also offer government and domestic turn-down services, making beds for family members and guests.
  • Adherence to household cleanliness, hygiene, and sanitation standards is a must.

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Final Thoughts

To obtain a US work visa, it’s essential to secure a job offer from a specific US employer. This employer will initiate the visa sponsorship process by submitting a petition to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). These work visas fall under the category of petition-based visas.

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