GtBank Salary Advance | How To Apply, Eligibility, Gtbank Salary advance USSD

GtBank Salary Advance – How To Apply For Salary Advance, Eligibility, USSD Code. The Guaranty Trust Bank plc popularly known as the GT bank that brought about the GT Bank Salary Advance was simply incorporated as a limited liability company that was licensed to provide the commercial and other unique banking services deemed to the Nigerian public in 1990.

The GT Bank commenced its operations in February 1991 and has ever since grown to become one of the most recognized banks in Nigeria in terms of customer satisfaction and service.

GtBank Salary Advance | How To Apply, Eligibility,  USSD Code

What Is Gtbank Salary Advance?

With the GT bank salary advance, you are allowed up to 50% of your monthly salary net worth as an upfront payment. This wonderful value-added package from GT bank plc is currently available to staff of government agencies and private companies with an active salary-based account opened with the GT Bank plc.

What You Gain Using Gtbank Salary Advance

  • Up to of 50% of net monthly salary in advance.
  • The GT Bank Salary Advance offers a 30 days tenor, which is renewable monthly.
  • The GT Bank Salary Advance requires No collateral.
  • A minimum N 25,000 salary for public sector or government workers and N 50,000 for private sector employees.
  • The GT bank Salary advance is made available to eligible customers within 24 hours duration.

How To Be Eligible For Gtbank Salary Advance

  • Your active salary account must be opened with GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank).
  • At least minimum N 25,000 salary for public sector or government workers and N 50,000 for private sector employees should be your salary pay.
  • You are not allowed to lend an amount which exceeds your salary just after an addition of 50% of your total lendable salary advance. For example, earning 60,000 Naira monthly; your lendable GT Bank salary advance is a maximum of 90,000 Naira
  • 365 Days is the maximum duration of payback time, which is great as it should give you the time required of you to get your loan returned or refunded.
  • The GT Bank plc only deducts a reserved interest rate which is chargeable on the GTBank Borrower’s account. The very subsidized and almost an unnoticeable interest shall be GTBank lending rate from time to time as it will be charged on amounts owed by the borrower.
  • On 35,000 Naira, i.e. 700 Naira will be deducted as commission for Salary advance and 35.00 Naira deducted as Salary Advance VAT. Likewise, 20:00 Naira deduction as Access Charge for Salary Advance. The aforementioned is just basically the charge that will be deducted and that is immediately

How To Apply For Gtbank Salary Advance | Gtbank Salary advance Short code

  • You can simply login to Internet Banking 
  • Dial *737*8*2# and follow the instructions to apply
  • Visit any GTBank branch or ATM near you

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