Free Dating Apps in India – Top Free Dating Apps without Payment in India

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Free Dating Apps in India – There is an upturn in the usual traditional dating arrangement that most Indians are familiar with. Advent in technology has made a transforming change in the dating culture of India.

It’s interesting to know that you can also find the love of your life a few clicks away on your smartphone. You only need to install a good dating app, create an engaging and interesting profile, then get the ball rolling!

Free Dating Apps in India

Dating apps have gained great influence and popularity among the Indian audience. Free Dating Apps in India platforms give users the access to connect with people who are like-minded across the country. These free dating apps also expands a user’s outreach, including using one’s phone’s location to show them potential matches.

Another interesting thing about these free dating apps is the fact that they could be used at your own convenience. You can as well chat with loved ones whenever you want to while you’re looking out for a casual date or your soulmate.

In this article, we are going to tell you more about the best dating apps in India.

Free Dating Apps in India – List of Free Dating Apps in India


This is one of the many widely used Free Dating Apps in India. The most interesting feature in this app is, when a match is found, it is usually the female that is left with the responsibility of initiating the conversation.

Bumble dating app is winning the hearts of its users by breaking all the stereotypes known in Indian society.

For homos3xual couples, either of them can start the conversation. Another intriguing fact about Bumble is, one cannot find fake a profile on the am. Every user is verified during the registration process.

This app does not only assist users with finding matches on, it also helps them build social and stable relationship with people.

A total of 60% matches on Bumble results to the conversation. Apart from the amazing features, Bumble free dating app’s privacy policy is highly reliable. To maintain security and privacy, users could block, unmatch or report a profile they find very suspicious.

Installations: 10 million-plus downloads on Google Play Store

Ratings: 3.4 stars

Reviews: 227 thousand reviews


If you are an individual who looks out for likes and special interests and specific likes over the physical appearance of people, then Hinge dating app is the right platform for you! The app also has a unique structure that establishes users’ interests. When checking the tagline of a user, you would understand their common interest and then approach them.

As a new user takes the app a few days to understand your preferences and in response show compatible results. It is good to connect with people who possess common interests like you, right?  With Hinge app, you can get to connect with your soulmate!

The app is a free one with a paid subscription, the paid subscription cost $12.99/ month.

Installations: 5 million-plus downloads on Google Play Store

Ratings: 3.4 stars

Reviews: 144 thousand reviews

Happn – Free Dating Apps in India

Have you ever crossed paths with someone and developed a secret crush?  Did you ever get an opportunity to strike a conversation? Even if you never had the chance, then Happn Dating App is a second chance for you. Here you can look out for these people and like their profile, if they happen to like back, congratulations, that’s a match!

Again, you don’t need to bother about scammers using this app because apps are not allowed.

Installations: 50 million-plus downloads on Google Play Store.

Ratings: 4 stars.

Reviews: 1 million-plus review.

Badoo – Free Dating Apps in India

If you’re looking for a dating platform with Tinder features, then Badoo should be your one-stop destination. It is an extensive dating app with popularity across 190 and more countries, with availability in more than 47 languages.

Badoo dating app gives you the leverage of finding potential dates based on your interest and preferences. Amazingly, you could even find a list of all the dates available near you! Again, during live video chats, other people can join your video chat.

In a nutshell, this app is highly recommended for all single and searching for Free Dating Apps in India.

Installations: 100 million-plus downloads on Google Play Store.

Ratings: 4 stars

Reviews: 5 million-plus reviews.

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