FIELDSMINE INVESTMENTS REVIEW – All you need to know about is an investment platform that assists you in monetizing your social media platform. Fieldsmine advertised for individuals and companies interested in paying people who want to reach a larger audience. Fieldmine members will share these ads on their social media platforms for publicity.

In this article, I will be discussing all you need to know about


How Fieldmine works

Social media advertisement is not the only thing that generates income for fieldsmine platform. According to About us page, the platform also generates income from other things like real estate, investments, research, forex trading, and media activities.

They want to help the lower class on achieving a financial freedom. Fieldmine claim to be the fastest and reliable affiliate platform that will you help you generate income for doing little or nothing.

How to Warn Money on Fieldmines

There is no so much difference in earning on fieldmine and other similar platforms. They offer several investment plans packages, and for you to earn you have to purchase one from the fieldmine platform.

After purchasing an investment package, you can start to perform tasks for you to earn. Task on the fieldmine platform is quite easy, all you jaavw to do is to share sponsor ads on your Facebook profile.

List of Fieldmines Investment Platform

The available package on the fieldmine platform is all differs according to prices.

Basic plan

The basic plan costs 15,000 naira, and you get to withdraw 24,000 naira at the end of the month (30 days), you will also earn N800 for sharing ads.

Silver package

The higher the package the higher the subscription fee. This plan cost N30,000 and run for 30 days and at the end of the month you get to withdraw 48,000 naira


You register with N60,000 and you will earn 3,200 everyday, giving you the total of 96,000 naira after 30 days.

Royal package

This plan is double the titanium package fee, N120,000. And your daily warning is N6,400 and you will receive the sum of N192,000.

Marble package

This plan coat N240,000 which gives you a daily commission of N12,800 this plans also runs for 30 days like every other plan and you will withdraw the total amount of N384,000.

Jade package

Jade package brings you N26,667 daily and you get to withdraw the sum of N800,000. But the subscription plan cost N500,000

Gold package

Gold package cost N1,000,000 for subscriptions. This package brings you N53,336 every day at the end of the month you get to withdraw the sum of N1,6000,000.

How to Register for Fieldmine

  • Open the official website
  • Tap on join us button
  • Choose your preferred package listed on the next page
  • Click on sign up under your preferred plan
  • Provide the necessary requirement
  • Click on coupon code box
  • Click on the buy pin here above
  • After purchasing a coupon code from any agents, you can continue with the registration as usual.

You can always withdraw your earning after the duration of your investment

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