FEG Token to naira (How much is one FEG Token in naira)

FEG Token to naira (how much is one FEG Token in naira) – All you need to know about the FEG token price in naira. FEG was created to offer a decentralized transaction network that works on the Ethereum blockchain. The way forward for FEG is determined by the market instabilities, but the models it operates on want it to succeed.

The FEG is a deflationary token with a circulating allowance of 100 quadrillions. A tax of 1% will be distributed to holders and a further 1% will be burnt down on every transaction, therefore, incentivizing owners to hold and reducing the supply over time

FEG Token to naira (How much is one FEG Token in naira)

As the ratio decreases, the depletion of the token tends to heighten. This inversely commensurate relationship incorporates a supply and demand model. There are no restrictions on how many tokens can be burnt.

 One FEG = 0.0000 naira

Ten FEG = 0.0000 naira

Hundred FEG = 0.0000 naira

1,000,000 FEG= 0.0000 naira

2,000,000 FEG= 0.0000 naira

Step by step instructions to purchase with FEG token

FEG has been approved on various crypto exchanges. However, you can not purchase the FEG token directly with fiat but you can exchange the FEG for primary crypto like bitcoin, ethereum, and USD. Here is the basic step to purchase FEG

  • If you don’t already have a binance account, sign up for one
  • You will have to transfer your coins to exchange that FEG can be purchased
  • Proceed to make a BTC/ETH/USDT deposit to the exchange from binance
  • Proceed to purchase FEG token from exchange, once the deposit has been confirmed.

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